Why Are We Interested In Gaming Achievements?

Be it little trophies that pop up on your screen or a score that earns you bragging rights or virtual badges that increase your level, almost all gaming platforms nowadays have some sort of “Achievements” system. A system popularized by the Xbox 360, Achievements offer the player largely meaningless rewards for completing tasks of various difficulty while playing video games. Some games will have you earn all of their achievements simply by completing the game normally, others by finding secrets within the game or perhaps by completing especially difficult feats; such as shooting every single little green frog in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater – an obsession I recently fell victim to.

Bioshock Infinite DLC Available Today

Finally, after a long, hopefully worthwhile wait period, Irrational has delivered DLC for Game of the Year contender, Bioshock Infinite. Bioshock Infinite: Clash in the Clouds releases today on Steam, PSN, and Xbox 360 and includes four challenge maps, each containing fifteen waves of enemies. The four maps are comprised of The Ops Zeal, Duke & Dimwit Theater, Raven’s Dome, and Emporia Arcade. 

The World’s End Review


By James Daly

Here we are, at the final instalment in the “Cornetto Trilogy”, brought to us by British Messrs. Pegg, Frost and Wright, and it’s safe to say expectations are high. Though reviews have been inconsistent, I remained undeterred and can happily report that ‘The World’s End’ was a triumph.

Rayman Legends Coming To PC, Nintendo Fans Grow Angrier

Once upon a time, Rayman Legends was an exclusive launch title for Nintendo’s Wii U home console. Now, the beautifully designed 2-D platforming sequel to 2011’s Rayman Origins has nearly grown as far from exclusivity as feasible. Not only is the title no longer a Wii U launch title, as it’s releasing almost a year after the release of the console, but it’s also releasing on four other platforms at its release. Personally, I question why Ubisoft did not release the game earlier for Wii U, allowing for Legends to be a timed exclusive on the younger platform, while releasing it for PS Vita, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC later on. Nevertheless, the title is now making its way to PC, a platform previously unannounced during Ubisoft’s multi-platform announcement earlier this year.

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Help Bring Crash and Spyro To PS Vita

Recently I’ve noticed many Vita owners around the internet have been complaining in regard to Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon mascot platformers not being included in the U.S. rendition of the Vita’s vast PS One library. This unacceptable, in my opinion, and in the opinions of others. Please sign this petition to support our cause and to be granted the ability to play these splendid games while traveling.

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The Conjuring


Horror Fans are you ready? Well the time has come to get prepared to go see James Wan’s new Horror film, “The Conjuring”! The film releases this Friday July 19th in cinemas nationwide! So be prepared and don’t get too scared! Click HERE for the chilling new trailer and do me a favor and go see it this Friday!

B-TEN.com Is Seeking Advertisers

Currently, at B-TEN.com, we are seeking sponsors, and the the fee-to-clicks ratio is quite promising. As a kind of beta test, we’ve been promoting the upcoming band, Magic Karpet for only 3 days now, and in that short amount of time, the ad linking to their Facebook page has already received 268 clicks, but only costing them $10 for 30 days, hopefully resulting, ultimately, in 10x the number of clicks. If you would like to join our list of sponsors, which currently consists of Bangkok Blend, Nintendose, Two Guys and Their Joysticks, and more, then please contact me at my business e-mail address, info@b-ten.com. From there we can negotiate pricing and availability. As a reminder, we would like to inform you that B-TEN.com is a product of Bullogna Technologies, an official business legally registered with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

B-TEN.com’s Flashback Fridays

I’ve been contemplating for a while whether or not I should add this new series to the site, but with plenty of incomplete reviews written and so little time to complete them, I thought to myself, “Hey, why not?’ Flashback Fridays will be a new repeating series of articles to be published, well, every Friday. Now, allow me to clarify that the articles published will not be homages to classic games or movies, but reviews of modern technology and entertainment which we may have bypassed during its release window.

Two Guys and Their Joysticks: Our 100 favourite games – just in time for summer!

Hello everyone!
Two Guys and Their Joysticks here, brining you something to light up your gaming summer! The ever Polish Jacek and Charlie “The English Dream” have both created a list of their 50 favourite games, and we feel like you should definitely check them out especially in the summer!
Without further adieu, here is the episode where we discuss all of these: http://ia601805.us.archive.org/12/items/E10.5Top100GamesToPlayInTheSummer/E10.5%20-%20Top%20100%20Games%20to%20play%20in%20the%20Summer%21.mp3 (iTunes will be coming soon, we’ve been in talks with Apple for a while now..)

Now You See Me Review


By James Daly

Stunning visuals. Talented actors. Adrenaline-pumping FX. Jesse Eisenberg with straightened hair. Now You See Me has it all. In the enticing opening, the audience are introduced to some of the most charismatic character performances ever filmed from veterans and relative newcomers alike. When one sees that a film will star Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Woody Harrelson, its understandable that one might expect a lot of that movie, but Now You See Me still surpasses such expectations for several reasons. The film does raise some questions though, mainly “why see the film when you can see a real magic act?”