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New Wii U Update Allows For Second-Screen Wii Gameplay

by Gabe Carey While we hadn't expected any major Nintendo news until tomorrow's Nintendo Direct which is set to air at 7 A.M. PT (10 A.M. EDT), Continue?

Attack On Titan Season One Review

By James Daly With as much adrenaline-fuelled action and heart-stopping gore as when it started, Season one of 'Attack On Titan' concluded Continue?

Breaking Bad Season 5.5 Review Compilation

Breaking-Bad_Wallpaper-2 by Gabe Carey Breaking Bad Season 5.5 Bullogna Score: 8.2! Amazing. With only one episode left of what could possibly be regarded as the greatest Continue?

Bold Moves in Valve’s Latest Hardware Announcements

announcement3-1152-610 By Tye Van Horn The final announcement is here, and it is a new controller  to be used on the steam machines  and any hardware running steam. Continue?

Grand Theft Auto V Review

868-1280 by Tye Van Horn There are really a few video games that you play every year that seem to stand out as pillars of true clarity in an era where Continue?

Breaking Bad “Granite State” Review

breaking-bad-reelgood Written by Gabe Carey It's quiet. Too quiet. Here's to another great example of why Breaking Bad is considered one of the most progressive, Continue?

Microsoft Surface 2, Surface Pro 2 To Release October 22

S2_touch_charcoal_cam1_pos.01 As sequels to last year's Microsoft Surface RT and Surface Pro tablets, respectively, the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 bring many minor hardware Continue?

Valve Introduces Free Linux-Based SteamOS

steamos As promised, Valve has made the first of three announcements set to be published on the official Steam website throughout this week. A free downloadable Continue?

Hashtags Would Have Been Detrimental To The Philosophical Social Structure Of A Utopian Civilization.

Journey with me for a moment, to a civilization much like ours however also very much like the ancient civilization of Greece. Imagine this world Continue?

Breaking Bad “Ozymandias” Review

breaking-bad-reelgood Bullogna Score: 10/10! Brilliant Masterpiece. Written by Gabe Carey There is literally no reason to justify reading this review, especially Continue?

Andrew Wilson Appointed CEO of EA

Written and edited by Parker Kramer Electronic Arts has promoted Andrew Wilson to Chief Executive Officer of the company. Wilson makes Continue?

Battlefield 4: Xbox One Version Could Feature Head-Tracking

Written by Parker Kramer Battlefield 4’s Xbox One title may feature head-tracking using the Kinect. This will come along with usage of the Continue?

Oculus Rift VR Jam Finalists Announced

OculusRift1 Written and edited by Parker Kramer Oculus Rift and IndieCade have announced 20 finalists for the VR Jam competition. If you own an Oculus Rift, Continue?

A Recipe for Disaster with Nintendo’s Wii U

WiiU_MarioKart8_scrn11_E3 Written by Tye Van Horn Edited by Victoria Long and Gabe Carey The forecast doesn’t look too good for the Wii U. Sales have been poor.  Continue?

Battlefield 4 Beta Opens October 1st And EA Announces Release Dates For Next-Gen Titles

battlefield-41 Written and edited by Parker Kramer A week from this Tuesday you will be waking up to the new month of October. And lucky for you, you’ll Continue?