Attack On Titan Season One Review

By James Daly


With as much adrenaline-fuelled action and heart-stopping gore as when it started, Season one of ‘Attack On Titan’ concluded yesterday with a monumental battle, a thrilling climax and a torrent of unanswered questions. These questions arise due to teasing plot devices and a greedy desire for more character development, but the foundation of ‘Attack On Titan’ is jaw-dropping action sequences that blend traditional battle anime and contemporary Hollywood superhero movies in a manner producing the most accessible anime of this, or perhaps any age. However, I warn you now: ‘Attack On Titan’ is definitely not for the fainthearted.

Breaking Bad Season 5.5 Review Compilation

by Gabe Carey

Breaking Bad Season 5.5

Bullogna Score: 8.2! Amazing.

With only one episode left of what could possibly be regarded as the greatest television series of all time, it only seemed appropriate to compile all of my Breaking Bad reviews thus far into one convenient web page consisting of ten pages of content. Perhaps it will make for an adequate time-waster as you sit and wait for the series finale to air on AMC at 9:00 tonight. This page will be updated as our review of the final episode is published within the next couple of days. I’ll also include my review of the half-season’s entirety which will be published some time next week. Thank you for choosing, and please continue to refer back to us in the future for all of your Breaking Bad needs.

Bold Moves in Valve’s Latest Hardware Announcements

By Tye Van Horn

The final announcement is here, and it is a new controller  to be used on the steam machines  and any hardware running steam. There are a few differences with this controller compared to others, the most notable is the fact that it uses a track-pad rather than analog sticks and a touch screen interface. The goal here is to create a comfortable layout that has as much precision as a mouse without losing the tactile feedback that thumbsticks provide.

Grand Theft Auto V Review

by Tye Van Horn

There are really a few video games that you play every year that seem to stand out as pillars of true clarity in an era where games seem to lack verisimilitude. While on one hand corporate greed and journalistic partnerships spawn droves of unoriginal copy and paste games that seem to do no more than meet the shallow expectations of standards solidified in mid 2007, a few gems each year are imbued with a joy for quality, a joy for storytelling, a joy for joy. I had been excited, but incredibly cautious about the release of Grand Theft Auto V, due to the tremendous ambition the developers foster for all their content and the attempt to push the limits on a console nearly 7 years old. As I popped in the disc a little after midnight on release and observed the opening sequence with a cynical eye, I slowly found my hard gaze softening, my thin smirk widening.

Breaking Bad “Granite State” Review

Written by Gabe Carey

It’s quiet. Too quiet.

Here’s to another great example of why Breaking Bad is considered one of the most progressive, yet unpredictable narratives of all time. The second to last episode proves the value of the series and its inability to grow stale. While I mustn’t speak too soon as the final episode has yet to air, I think it’s fair to say that it’s been a phenomenal run. The writing, the acting, the camera work, the music, and nearly every element of production contributed to this series have pushed limits. No matter how the next episode results, it isn’t the outcome which makes this show a masterpiece, but the journey leading into it. So as we travel into the mystifying abyss of presentation that awaits us, let’s continue to acknowledge the unparalleled success of previous episodes, regardless of how the series concludes.

Valve Introduces Free Linux-Based SteamOS

As promised, Valve has made the first of three announcements set to be published on the official Steam website throughout this week. A free downloadable Linux-based operating system, SteamOS has been declared “an operating system built around Steam itself,” combining “the rock-solid architecture of Linux with a gaming experience built for the big screen.”

Hashtags Would Have Been Detrimental To The Philosophical Social Structure Of A Utopian Civilization.

Journey with me for a moment, to a civilization much like ours however also very much like the ancient civilization of Greece. Imagine this world growing with the ancient Greece social networks. Using myperses moving to hadesbook, snail mail to hermes mail. Things are going great for this civilization they figured out the internet, social media and reality tv before they figured out how to have a single person bath. Now think about this same world as the invention of their twitter arises. Now they can leave short messages without wasting stone tablets or expensive scrolls. Then one day you see on Zeus’ twitter feed “Just messed with some mortals haha #godswag”. Now even if you’re not a mythology major, you know that Zeus invented the word swag, and that historically speaking the gods kind of enjoyed messing with people who don’t have super powers (so yeah that cheery guy you met in Disney’s Hercules is a wee bit of a giant liar). Without close inspection, that tweet seems especially harsh. However indulge me for a moment and travel with me into the structure of the previous tweet.

A Recipe for Disaster with Nintendo’s Wii U

Written by Tye Van Horn

Edited by Victoria Long and Gabe Carey

The forecast doesn’t look too good for the Wii U. Sales have been poor.  With the brawls between the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 seizing the spotlight of public attention, the Wii U has been left to fidget in the wings, awaiting cue that might never come. How could it have come to this? How could Nintendo, the leader in worldwide home console sales for this console generation now be “on a path to irrelevance”,  as Nolan Bushnell,  founder of Atari said in a recent, scathing statement.

Battlefield 4 Beta Opens October 1st And EA Announces Release Dates For Next-Gen Titles

Written and edited by Parker Kramer

A week from this Tuesday you will be waking up to the new month of October. And lucky for you, you’ll also be waking up to the beginning of a beta test for the upcoming blockbuster, Battlefield 4. EA has announced that the beta will open on both current-gen consoles and PC on the same day.