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Halloween Giveaway: Win a Copy of ‘The Wolf Among Us’

The-Wolf-Among-Us-2 by Gabe Carey What are your Halloween plans for this year? It's a night of trickery and treatery at, and while many are out and about, Continue?

Batman: Arkham Origins Review

Batman__Arkham_Origins_Collector_s_Edition_13738170108141 By Lewis Clark Revised by Gabe Carey That’s right: everyone’s favorite bat is back with a new game-- Batman: Arkham Origins, and you Continue?

Playstation 4 Price Tag Troubling for Brazil

PlayStation4-FeaturedImage  by Dominic Dimanche Revised by Gabe Carey With the Playstaion 4 soon to hit the globe, Brazil's price of admission to the Sony experience Continue?

Video Games Are No Longer Child’s Play

by Dennis McCarson Revised by Gabe Carey Recently, I unfortunately received two new roommates, one of which was a judgmental she-demon. Continue?

Everything You Need to Know About PS4 Update 1.50

sony-unveils-the-playstation-4-2 by Jonathan Pollmann Today, Playstation Blog shed some light on its upcoming firmware update for the PS4 which will release alongside the console's Continue?

Oh My OS Vol. 1

by Dennis McCarson Almost as fun as having a relationship with someone who works for you! Welcome to the first edition Oh My! OS. This is a Continue?

Path of Exile Launches

ss_aed422f7ff721d79893c6155ea50758c4e18215d.1920x1080 By Clint Demeritt Path of Exile released today, the highly anticipated free-to-play action RPG for Windows. Many have heralded the game Continue?

Bungie’s Beta Codes

destiny_travele_homepage Bungie’s new franchise ‘Destiny’, set to release early next year, gave people a chance to get a hold of the beta for the game if you pre-ordered Continue?

Sony Reminisces in New PlayStation Advert

playstation4-wireless-controller-2 by Gabe Carey Nostalgia. Remember the first time you powered on your PS One? How about that moment when you realized you needed two different Continue?

Wii Outta Here: Nintendo Stops Making Wii Consoles In Japan

mariokart_wii  by Clint Demeritt Nintendo announced it's shut down production of Wii consoles in Japan. The game maker quietly marked the event via Continue?

Top 10 Video Game Songs

By Dennis McCarson The great thing about “top” lists is that it's all subjective in nature, very personal, but also very relatable. A Continue?

Watch the Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix Debut Trailer

kh32 by Gabe Carey Now that many fans of the series have probably completed (or postponed) their playthroughs of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix, many Continue?

Turtle Beach Clarifies Next-Gen Releases

pc_charlie_1680x1050 Written by Ricky Kent Revised by Gabe Carey Turtle Beach has clarified the company has headsets in the works for both Xbox One and PS4. The Continue?

High Demand Results in Disappointed PS4 Gamers

sony-unveils-the-playstation-4-2 Written by Scott Hannah Revised by Parker Kramer   I was in my local GAME store today, here in the UK, just casually checking up Continue?

GameStop Black Friday Leak

by Scott Hannah Revised by Victoria Long Guess what October means? That we’re one month closer to Black Friday which is, for people who don’t Continue?