Halloween Giveaway: Win a Copy of ‘The Wolf Among Us’

by Gabe Carey

What are your Halloween plans for this year?

It’s a night of trickery and treatery at B-TEN.com, and while many are out and about, rotting their teeth with the most delicious of feasts, you could be playing Telltale Games’ The Wolf Among Us, based on the Fables comic series. Telltale Games is the acclaimed developer behind last year’s Game of the Year, The Walking Dead Game, as well as Tales of Monkey IslandBack to the Future: The Game, and the recent addition to PlayStation Plus’ Instant Game Collection, Poker Night 2.

Batman: Arkham Origins Review

By Lewis Clark

Revised by Gabe Carey

That’s right: everyone’s favorite bat is back with a new game– Batman: Arkham Origins, and you can now sigh in relief as I pridefully inform you that this game undoubtedly lives up to expectations of the series. Providing this bold statement, I should admit that the Arkham series is my favorite game series, however don’t expect this review to consist of all praise as the game was good yet, unfortunately, was still far from perfection. Oh, and by the way: massive spoiler alert.

Video Games Are No Longer Child’s Play

by Dennis McCarson

Revised by Gabe Carey


Recently, I unfortunately received two new roommates, one of which was a judgmental she-demon. To further escalate my problems with her, I have just received a new PS3 from my girlfriend for our anniversary (stay with me, this is going somewhere). Now, prior to this PS3 I had an Xbox 360 that I had bought for the sole reason that my friends had it, even though I had been raised on the PS1 and PS2 systems up until my mid-teens (now keep up because it is going somewhere). So, there I am with my new PS3 and my copy of Kingdom Hearts 1.5, when, whom I can only assume is the real life embodiment of Maleficent, makes her way downstairs. She begins to treat me like a child for “playing my games,” despite the fact that I was waiting to go to my real-person adult job, my awesome beard, and the beer that was clearly in my hands. Oh, so now I have your attention? Awesome!

Sony Reminisces in New PlayStation Advert

by Gabe Carey


Remember the first time you powered on your PS One? How about that moment when you realized you needed two different types of memory cards for backwards compatibility on the PlayStation 2? When you endlessly had to restart levels in Crash Bandicoot, and perhaps had to get an older, more experienced family member help you progress to the next stage? The graphics in Grand Turismo 3 looked better than real life? Sony revisits the legacy of their computer entertainment division, leading up to the release of their upcoming PS4 in a new U.K.-based promotional video.

Top 10 Video Game Songs

By Dennis McCarson

The great thing about “top” lists is that it’s all subjective in nature, very personal, but also very relatable. A short time time ago B-Ten’s very own James Daly posted a “Top 5 Favorite Pieces of Music From Video Games” list. Which can be found right here.

Watch the Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix Debut Trailer

by Gabe Carey

Now that many fans of the series have probably completed (or postponed) their playthroughs of Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix, many are simply awaiting the release of the undoubtedly distant Kingdom Hearts III. Luckily, Square Enix has given this beautiful remastered bundle of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Final Mix, and the cut-scenes featured in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded to play during our extensive waiting period. The debut trailer of this PlayStation 3-exclusive title can be seen below.

Turtle Beach Clarifies Next-Gen Releases

Written by Ricky Kent

Revised by Gabe Carey

Turtle Beach has clarified the company has headsets in the works for both Xbox One and PS4. The company, known for their production of headphones specifically intended for gaming, has also stated most of the products from former generation consoles will be compatible with next-gen consoles as well, so no worries to older supporters with concerns of platform compatibility.

High Demand Results in Disappointed PS4 Gamers

Both the PS4 and Xbox One are in such high demand, it will be difficult for gamers and parents of gamers to own one before the holidays.

Written by Scott Hannah

Revised by Parker Kramer

I was in my local GAME store today, here in the UK, just casually checking up on my pre-order for my Playstation 4 console. I was in the queue when I saw someone arguing with the store manager. He was shouting and showing signs of disappointment because he had just  found out that if he pre-ordered the console today, there would be a 50/50 chance he might not get it until after Christmas.

GameStop Black Friday Leak

by Scott Hannah

Revised by Victoria Long

Guess what October means? That we’re one month closer to Black Friday which is, for people who don’t know (and I assume have been recently thawed from a block of arctic ice) the best time of year to snag a deal on all your favorite video-games, equipment, or other miscellaneous gamer paraphernalia!