Six Current-Gen Ports I’d Like to See on Next-Gen Consoles

By Gabe Carey

This generation of consoles has been notoriously remembered as emphasizing previous generations far too often with HD remasters of older games appearing quite liberally whether it be at retail or by means of digital distribution. I, however, think that HD ports are quite helpful in those studying the history of interactive media and even those who simply missed out on these games during their prime eras. For instance, without the release of Jak and Daxter Collection on PS3 in 2012, I would have never played any of those renown titles, but I’m certainly glad I did and I’m thankful for that release. Gamers often discount that perhaps some people were too young or too busy to remember many of the original counterparts to these re-releases and that while they can commonly be perceived as quick cash-grabs, HD re-releases benefit gamers and potential gamers around the world with their nifty ease of nostalgic presence, making them much more accessible than on the consoles they were originally compatible with.

Knack Review

By Gabe Carey

I wanted it to be good…

Among my most disappointing affairs this year, Japan Studio’s platform beat ’em up, Knack is among the worsts. With game development veteran and PlayStation 4 architectural designer Mark Cerny directing the homage to some of the greatest PS One classics of all time, my first impression of the game, based on early footage alone, was ironically, “What could possibly go wrong?” Unfortunately karma got the best of my unprecedented confidence in the game and Knack is now occupying a space on my shelf that will soon, with bold optimism, be replaced with a game with a little more quality assurance backing it, assuming someone would be as naive as I was in purchasing this filth.

Killzone Shadow Fall Review

By: Dominic Dimanche

During a mission into enemy territory, I just survived a fervid fire fight against a squad of Helghan troops – an enemy I have fought for years. After I escaped, I came upon an impoverished husband and wife, the husband demanding to commit suicide with a pistol in his hand saying how he wants to “die on his own terms.” All the while, I am standing watching it all unfold between these two NPCs.

Bioshock Infinite Buried At Sea Episode 1 Review

By James Daly

‘Bioshock Infinite’ is, for many, the best game of 2013. In a world dominated by FPS titles, this game managed to grab your attention with a stunning visual experience, compelling plot devices, and an environment rich in entertainment. After all of this, it’s fair to say the waiting public expected big things from the new ‘Buried At Sea – Episode 1’ DLC, but did they get it?