Gaming Backlogs: 5 Games Gabe Carey Has Embarrassingly Not Completed

by Gabe Carey

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Not unlike my fellow editors at B-TEN, I’m often forced to tolerate comments about me not being a real gamer. Now, I don’t know about you, but I feel as though a “real gamer” plays what they want rather than what’s expected. The following list of games I haven’t completed, some of which I’ve never even touched, may shock you, frighten you, or even kill you. As a games journalist, the job often demands that I play many games, whether good, bad, or mediocre, while also finding the time to write about them and balance that schedule with the remaining aspects of my life. Most of these are games I will play eventually, but a select few don’t even interest me. It’s surprising, I know, that you and I may have different personal preferences!

Mass Effect Trilogy

As I’ve mentioned before, our Content Coordinator, Jesse Taylor, doubles as a QA tester at Bioware. He likely cries every time I mention that I’ve never touched any of the Mass Effect games. He’s played all of them fifteen-or-so times. I would like to find the time to play one. This wouldn’t be so difficult if I didn’t have to play all three, or if the whole trilogy was available on a console that I still have hooked up. Here’s a game that needs a next-gen makeover, or a PC port, or what have you.

Grand Theft Auto V

So I’ve played GTA V. I’ve owned the game since launch, but I haven’t played GTA V. I haven’t touched the online component, nor do I plan on it as I no longer own an Xbox 360 and I’m the only person I know who has the PS3 version; not to mention that the service is still lacking many of the elements Rockstar Games had promised us early on. The amount of depth in Grand Theft Auto V is astounding, and if I ever finish the drawn-out campaign, perhaps I’ll have the chance to explore some of that at some point. For now, I’m just going to continue to groan every time I see the game’s box art.

Super Metroid

Yes, my backlog extends back to the SNES days of 1994, mostly because I wasn’t yet conceived in 1994. While I believe Super Metroid resides in my limited library of Wii U Virtual Console games, I’ve only had the experience to play it for a brief few moments, though I’ve heard the game is an important artifact of gaming history, a treasure I love to recognize, but have failed to embrace entirely. This depressing fact has led me to believe that I may need to be snowed in for a week (with working electricity, of course) before I can find the time to merely sample some of these listings.

Heavy Rain

Sure, I proceeded far enough in the game to understand your “Jason” jokes, but I’ve only progressed about halfway through this narrative wonder of the world, and I’ve owned it for over two years now. This is concerning, as, from what I’ve played, I’ve enjoyed the game, aside from a few acting quirks that I found to be irritating. The idea is brilliant, and if it wasn’t for the unavoidable profusion of games that have released recently, I would have completed it by now. I might actually get back to it next week!

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I bought Skyrim during the Steam summer sale, and I kind of regret paying $13 for it. It’s not that it’s a bad game, but it requires a lot of time, patience, and attention; all things I’m not the best at pertaining to. One day, when I wake up on an odd occasion and I’m the last person alive, I won’t question it. I’ll just invest my next 300 hours playing Skyrim, alone in peace. I don’t want to have to wish for that to happen, but you know, responsibilities. This is yet another game that needs a definitive edition as well. My PC can hardly run it, I don’t own a 360, and the PS3 version is notoriously bad. It’s inevitably going to happen at some point.


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  1. As far as Mass Effect goes, play the first, ditch the rest. If you’re a science fiction fan you won’t be able to handle all the flaws, and mistakes they make over the next two games.

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