The Movie “Grandma’s Boy” Was Named After Dragon Fantasy Dev Adam Rippon

by Gabe Carey

During an interview with Muteki Corp.’s Adam Rippon, the Benign with B-TEN podcast crew learned quite a few interesting tidbits from the Dragon Fantasy programmer. The fact that he inspired the title to the cult-classic 2006 film Grandma’s Boy was likely the least important information provided during the podcast, yet also piqued the interest of the recording group.

After offering a short blurb about his work on the video game adaption of Little Nikki for the GameBoy Color, Rippon continued by saying, “And actually that’s how I had the movie Grandma’s Boy named after me, but that’s a long story.”

After clarifying the situation, the recording cast was stunned, causing Adam to reaffirm the statement. “When I worked on Little Nicky, I was the youngest guy on the team and I was straight from Montana and I didn’t lock my door every night, and one night this old woman like broke into my, not like intentionally, broke into my apartment. She just got confused and went into the wrong house.”

“So I made the mistake of telling my co-workers about that,” Adam continued. “And then they all started calling me Grandma’s Boy, and Allen Covert, who was the star of Grandma’s Boy was the producer on Little Nicky and he ended up making a movie based on his experiences in the game industry… And pretty much I’m Grandma’s Boy.”

After a brief moment of shock from the rest of the recording cast, Simon De Roux responded by saying , “I used to love that movie so much.”

Relating his experience to his work, Adam then replied, “Well, honestly, that movie is the most accurate portrayal of the video game industry I’ve seen on film. You know, all the stupid shit in that movie is, you know, very real. Obviously, no one programs a video game with an Xbox controller and they kind of make it look like they do, but office antics; we’re pretty close. Yeah, I really like that movie. I think it’s a great movie. Anyone who doesn’t like it just hasn’t been in the video game industry. And I think everyone in the video game industry, at least secretly, loves that movie.”


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