The GAME_JAM Train Wreck, and Jared Rosen’s Exposé

by Olivia LeClair

I am not usually one to get up on a soapbox and lecture about ethics and sexism and what-have-you. Most of the time, I feel accepted and treated equally and fairly by my fellow gamers, whatever gender they may be. I can only think of one time anyone has ever called me out for being a female gamer, and I was stunned at the swift backlash he received for his sexist remarks against me. I suppose you could say that I’ve been pretty lucky, that the general gender tropes of the gaming industry have passed me by. That’s why I am always shocked when I see stories about female gamers and developers being marginalized, being treated as somehow “inferior” to the men in the industry. I suppose you could say that I’m naive to think that the industry should have moved beyond such stereotypes and tropes by now…

Metro Redux is Real, Confirmed by Deep Silver

by Dan Isaksson

Recently there was a leak of material related to the Metro franchise coming from Everyeye. Deep Silver, publisher of the Metro franchise, has announced that the leaked Metro Redux collection is indeed coming to next-gen consoles today. Metro is a game franchise developed by 4A Games, is set in a post-apocalyptic Russia and is mainly a thriller-like first-person-shooter with a strong focus on atmosphere and immersion. The content that was supposed to be included according to the leaks were remastered versions of Metro 2033 from 2010 and Metro: Last Light along with all the downloadable add-ons released for both titles.

Square Enix Talks About Where Hitman: Absolution Went Wrong

by Charles J. Johnson

Well, this is a nice change from the company who considered Tomb Raider a failure despite selling millions of copies. In an interview with Square Enix president, Yosuke Matsuda, which was translated by Siliconera, Matsuda said that that the reason for the lack of success for the title Hitman: Absolution was due to the game trying to garner a mass appeal.

Bravely Default Invigorates Square Enix’ JRPG Focus

by Dan Isaksson

Over the last several years Square Enix has evolved significantly, acquiring several well-respected developers both in Japan and here in the West. This was part of an effort on Square Enix’ part to branch out and reinforce their presence in the gaming world, something deemed necessary as it was perceived that the JRPG:s had become less interesting to its audience. It also came to light that their standard franchises were being refit for an international audience, much to the dismay of each game’s fanbase. The games released seemed to have lost their glamour and tried to attain too much at the same time. However, due to the commercial success of Bravely Default Square Enix’ is reconsidering the focus they’ve had since then and are instead shifting to a more focused mindset.

The Predator in Call of Duty: Ghosts Devastation Confirmed

by Dan Isaksson

It didn’t take too long for Infinity Ward to follow up their Instagram video from Call of Duty: Ghosts Devastation, the game’s second multiplayer expansion pack. While that video featured a rather hefty amount of hints towards everone’s beloved hunter partaking in their latest DLC, their latest trailer contains a full-body showing of the Predator. It looks like he’ll be a tough adversary, though little is shown, and that he’ll be one of the encounterable enemies in The Ruins map.

John Carmack Elaborates on Facebook’s Acquisition of Oculus Rift VR

by Dan Isaksson

Following Facebook acquiring Oculus Rift VR, the gaming community has become somewhat chaotic. But the ones involved in this mess aren’t only us, the consumers, but also the employees at Oculus Rift VR. Especially so those who joined it recently and knew nothing of the acquisition until it was put into action, one of those is John Carmack, one of the leading programmers in the industry and seen as a visionary of our time. Having him in the mix of all these things have fans of his work understandably worried, but in a recent reply to a Tumblr post by Peter Berkman, he elaborated on some of his thoughts regarding the matter.

Warhammer 40K: Storm of Vengeance Launches April 3 on Steam and iOS

The Ork Stormboy The Dark Angel Dreadnought

by Dan Isaksson

Eutechnyx, the developer of memorable titles such as Ninja Cats vs Samurai Dogs and Nascar Managerhave announced that  their latest project, Warhammer 40K: Storm of Vengeance, will be released on April 3 and will be playable on both iOS and Steam. The game is also in development for Android but any information regarding its release is unavailable at this time. The game developer may not have much to its name but for all the fans of Warhammer it’s a risky project to take care of. Considering that this is both a mobile and PC title there isn’t much to hang on for in terms of hope, but let’s at least give it the benefit of the doubt in that it might actually be entertaining either way.

Deus Ex Universe Is Coming Sooner Than We Thought

by Fabio Santana

In October of last year, head of Eidos Montreal studio’s David Anfossi announced via their community blog that there were big plans for the Deus Ex series. He announced something called Deus Ex: Universe, which will be a huge movement for the series. It will “include PC and [current gen] consoles games, but also additional Deus Ex games and experiences available in other media such as tablets, smartphones, books, graphic novels, etc.”

Survey by iHS Reveals Changes in Attitude Towards Freemium Models

by Dan Isaksson

Recently a survey published by IHS technology emerged, it was conducted on behalf of WildTangent and EA who have formed a partnership to leverage the technology that WildTangent has developed and gain information on user behaviour and the effect their content has on their audience. Among other things, it was revealed within the survey that the data they had collected from users indicated that by 2017, 39% of spending on games in North America will come from games that have adopted freemium models.