My Top 25 Anime Of All Time [by Patrick Toworfe]

Countdown lists are all the rage these days, and I’ve made quite a few myself, using both my own personal blog and Listicle. I’ve done a few lists before and it got me to thinking of what my overall top 25 anime of all time are. Strangely enough I find it hard to think of just 5 or 10, but 25 as a number put things in more perspective. Remember, this is simply a list of the animes that I personally enjoyed, not a definitive list of the top 25 animes of all time, and the list isn’t even my judgment of the quality of the animes in order either. With that out of the way, here’s my list. You’ll probably find some on this list that you’ve seen before.

25. Neon Genesis Evangelion
Teenagers saving the world from aliens sounds like the most cliche, overdone thing, but when that concept is backed up by philosophy and psychological thriller, you’ve got the recipe for one of the most hard-hitting animes you’ll ever see. Evangelion packed narrative strength alongside great action, with a cast of characters that’s more deep than they seem on the surface. With an ending movie that’s still disturbing and confusing to this day, and another remake movie on the way, Evangelion is a mech anime that you can’t ignore.

24. Trigun
A ‘space western’ sounds weird but it’s actually something that’s been done before, successfully too. One of the best space westerns was easily Trigun, an anime with a hilarious main character who’s more of a powerful gunman than he lets on. Trigun can easily be considered one of the ‘classics’, with a deep story, engaging characters and an overall fun atmosphere. 

23. Dragonball Z
One word: epic. Dragonball Z is one of the most world-renown animes ever made, and rightly so. Dragonball Z was the apex of action animes back in the day and is still one of the most easily enjoyable animes to watch regardless of the episode. DBZ’s strength lies not only in the quality of its episodes, but also in the size of its legacy.

22. Attack on Titan
An anime that recently maneuvered its way onto my top list, Attack on Titan was hype redefined. Steady pacing, strong character exposition and a consistent feeling of dread generated more hype than I ever imagined. While it can be a big downer at times, this anime wasn’t scared to go head first into all-out action when it needed to and it’s some of the most exciting action you’ll ever see.

21. Deadman Wonderland
Another entry I recently added to my list, Deadman Wonderland embodies the concept that ‘things can only get worse’. How it manages to mix tension with surprisingly calm moments is what makes watching this anime surprisingly easy. Crude and at times very violent, Deadman Wonderland is shocking but ultimately worthwhile to watch.

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15 thoughts on “My Top 25 Anime Of All Time [by Patrick Toworfe]”

    1. I actually have to agree with you, what’s the point of adding Evangelion and DBZ to this list? If they were going to score in the 20’s? Those two animes were far better than half the high school shows that were listed. Those two feel more like honorable mentions more than anything.

      1. Well ranking is always a personal thing. I don’t really have a problem with the ranking in itself. His reasoning is the fucking joke and makes him a douche.


        While not all of it was perfect and the length of it makes it hard to sit through it all unless you’re a dedicated fan, Bleach’s initial 50 episodes were enough to sell me on the franchise. Bleach was one of the first animes to really be a big hit for me and it has one of the most memorable arcs in anime history.


        this translates into: “When i first began watching animes i watched bleach and i remember that so i will rate this anime 3 because i’m a stupid kid who has no plan what i’m talking about.”
        Fucking bullshit!!!

        Also he has DBZ on rank 23 and he doesn’t even like it or writes good stuff about it. He just put it in anyway because it was successfull. This list ist 100% trash and so is the writer.

        1. I agree with you that ranking is subject to taste as long as their is a valid reason for it, which wasn’t shown on this list. On the Bleach thing, you have to understand that I loved Bleach, it was a great anime. However its clear to me that Kubo wasnt sure how he wanted to end it, and the current volumes and chapters of the ongoing story feel forced and don’t have the charm they once had :(

          1. Naruto, Bleach and (only slightly) One piece are all typical endless shounen kiddie animes. I still watched/read them all but i can’t really enjoy them anymore.

            Aside from the classics (DBZ, Death Note and so on) who are just pain awesome and a must watch, the kind of Manga/Anime i still like is for example: Hajime no Ippo, Kurono no basuke, Baby Steps (in the sport section).

            Hunter x hunter 2011 is my favorite at the moment. It’s really the exact opposite of Naruto/Bleach and so much more mature and interesting. You can never guess what happens next in the story and it focuses on so many characters not just the main ones.

            Close second place is Uchuu kyoudai…. I dunno how often i read that one and still notice/learn new things it’s just that amazing

            Also good ones if you can get into gambling and intelligent puzzles: Kaiji, Akagi, Zero …. I just love Fukumoto’s works.

            Kurosagi and Liar game are similar and also very good in that aspect.

            Well i like quite a few more like: Akame ga kill, Tokyo ghoul, shokugeki no soma, Bambino and so on and so on …. there are hundreds to list which are all not on this list.

            Also many Visual Novel (many translated into english too) make their Anime counterpert just look like complete trash. Just compare Majikoi …. really only the name and a few story fragments are similar it’s like Night and Day.

            If you are getting bored with Anime check a few VN’s out…. There are about 10-15 who are just mindblowing and as good as the best Animes.

          2. I actually have read Akame ga kill and found it to be a very engrossing story, still haven’t read Hunter Hunter but have heard good things about it. On the visual novel front I have a bad history with distribution sites so I tend to avoid them, however I enjoy visual novels that do get localized at retail. Recently I picked up Dangan Ronpa, and entered the nichegamer site raffle for Sakura Spirit (sorry if I had known you were into visual novels I would have mentioned it before, the contest ended yesterday, and they were giving away 15 free steam codes for the visual novel game). Also on the visual novel front you should keep your eye out for a small company called ” Sekai Project ” they just started recently and localize doujin/indie visual novels. They just had a kickstarter where they were bringing “World End Economica” and “Fault Milestone One Directors Cut” to Steam and PS Vita.

          3. Oh well that’s too bad i guess.

            I played World End Economica part 1…. really sad ending though so i wanna continue with part 2 and 3.

            You should watch HXH 2011!! It’s 99% identical with the manga! It’s really a must watch but it’s quite serious though not as gory and brutal as Akame ga kill.

            Well most good VN’s are not even available in english and you can only play them if you use a fan translation. But most works who get released like that have the same quality if not better as an official release. If you want some good ones: Grisaia no Kajitsu, G Senjou no Maou, Yume Miru Kusuri and of course the infamous Katawa Shoujo 😛


            I guess you alrdy know that site??? It’s perfect to search for new ones and check the Translation groups. There are also a few threads in which you get weekly updates about fan translations.

  1. I would not have put Bleach on this list, sure the anime started of great. However the fillers bogged/slowed the pacing of the show. That and the franchise can’t decide where or how it wants to end. I stopped watching when the Quincies returned, that made no sense and severely pissed me off.

  2. This is most like a list of recent time, not ALL time.

    I understand that is YOUR opinion, and your list, but please reconsider the plot, the music, the characters, and the context that this anime’s were made, and not only the popularity and the superficial things.

    Anyway your opinion as the other’s, are valid!

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