Odd happenings for Oddworld

by Sawyer Scherbenske

The Oddworld series is an enigma in the gaming world. The series began on the original Playstation, then moved to the Gameboy platforms, then to the original Xbox, and is now planning on releasing their upcoming game, New n’ Tasty, on the PS4 and Wii U. Developers of Oddworld, like their game, are also an enigma in the gaming world with developers coming out boldly with statements and association with publishers.


When asked about working with a large published like their previous partner EA he said: “F–k that business” and “I’d rather not make games than go f–king be a slave for public companies who care more about their shareholders than they do about their customers.” Lanning specifically referenced Battlefield 4 specifically as why he refused to work with a large publisher again. He stated in the interview that “Someone made a decision that the shareholders are more important than the customer. And we see a lot of that. How do you blow that? How do you take that f–king jewel[Battlefield 4] and ship it with dirt all over it?”

Lorne-LanningLanning is a controversial figure because of statements like these. On one hand, you can tell that he loves the series dearly, and wants total artistic freedom with his series without some large publisher shaping his work for him. On the other hand, he would have access to some of that much coveted publisher wealth. That being said, Lanning did say that Sony had been “a godsend” after things like putting one Oddworld game, Stranger’s Wrath, free on PSN. Lanning will be using some publisher money from Sony and Nintendo to make his game.

Lanning closed by saying “we’re conditioned to think [about what] you want, especially by retail and by publishers” and is hoping for at least 250 thousand copies of New n’ Tasty to sell in order to start making his next Oddworld game. New n’ Tasty will be released Quarter Two of this year and will be priced around $30.


Sawyer Scherbenske is a writer for B-TEN.com.

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