Hero Generations, Retire Your Character and Continue with the Children

by Dan Isaksson

Kickstarter project Hero Generations by Heart Shaped Games has gone through, with a minimum goal of $32,000 this title has you command a character and puts it in a very different kind of grid-based strategy game. Their fundings are as of the writing of this article at $35,544, enough to take the developers past their first stretch-goal of including a Family Tree. The game allows you to travel and make your story as you go: Do you want to amass wealth? Make Robin Hood your target audience; Do you want to spend your life slaying monsters? Have at the coldblooded advernturer career!

But what lies at the end of an adventurer’s life aside from a grave and no-one to pity it? In Hero Generations you’re given the opportunity to extend the family line, expand the family tree, that is to say, you can procreate here! Let loose all the cannons, let your seed spread across the gardens, fill the world with your spawnlings, absorb the lifeforce of another human and spurt it out in an attempt at world domination, all of this and more is at your fingertips!

So, essentially it works like this, for every square that you move across your character ages one year (becoming between 50 and 125 years old) and in-between being a youth and falling into eternal slumber you can find somebody to fuck with, literally, raise your baby and eventually move on to playing as this new adventurer to keep the family going.

The world is procedurally generated and is reminiscent of a chibi-styled western cartoon… or something random with tiny characters pulled off of one of Cartoon Network’s more recent endeavors. In short, it looks darn cute and has the strategic gameplay to go along with it.

Hero Generations will be released on Ouya as a timed exclusive, but that’s only in regards to consoles, the game is aiming to be simultaneously released on Windows PC, Mac and Linux based computers.

Source: Kickstarter (Hero Generations)


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