Report: Mass Effect 4 Coming Next Spring

by Gabe Carey

Update: The source has confirmed to me that yesterday’s meeting at BioWare was not about the next Mass Effect game, but rather it was held to further motivate employees to focus on getting work done.

While speaking with an inside source at BioWare, who wishes to remain anonymous, B-TEN has received word that Mass Effect 4 is not only in development, but it has been scheduled for a release window of next spring. While discussing alternative matters with this employee, the discussion was concluded with, “Also if I was you, I’d get to playing the mass effect trilogy before next spring…” 

As this person had earlier confirmed his work on the next installment of the Mass Effect franchise, it can be assumed that this release date coincides with that project in particular. There has been no release window officially confirmed by the company, but the employee also told us that BioWare will not comment on this report, and that EA refuses to respond to rumor or speculation.

When I asked whether or not I could publish this report online, his exact response was, “You are allowed to report any information you see fit. BioWare won’t comment on it, and EA will state they don’t comment on rumor or speculation. The choice is yours, I simply provided you with a tease,” followed by “Sorry for the delay, haven’t been on all day. Work didn’t want any online presence today for us, for good reason.” This delayed response that was sent late last night could imply that a company meeting was held further discussing the details of the next Mass Effect game. Hopefully, this means we’ll be receiving much more information in regards to the game at this year’s E3 press conference, which is set to take place from June 10th – 12th.

Details were leaked on Monday by gaming insider Shinobi602, via Twitter, that something very nice is coming late next year, advising gamers not to be afraid, and suspiciously using the hashtag, #PS4.

More information related to Mass Effect will be reported as it is received. In the meantime, please stay tuned to B-TEN.


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16 thoughts on “Report: Mass Effect 4 Coming Next Spring”

    1. Agreed, companies who want to make sure info is not that easily leaked about what went on in meetings etc will make sure only a countable few are privy to such meetings and info. It will be very obvious to them between themselves who could have leaked it. They have more at stake in terms of career/industry reputation than to please fans.

      Now some random IT guy working at bioware might know a few things in hush hush but they will probably know no more than what most hacks who report on such news know.

      I have read this could be a management approved leak as a strategy to hype up the game. That wouldn’t be a surprise because really nothing has been revealed much about the actual game. A release date doesn’t tell much. After all it’s Mike Gamble who famously said “Speculations for all!” Looks like it’s working for them.

      Given the game just went into asset creation early this year it will be well into mid 2015 before they even get to call it past beta stage. Fall or Xmas time 2015 is a more realistic release date. This timeline can be deduced based on what major studios who work on AAA titles including Bioware have talked about in the past.

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