Two Grid Autosport Locations Revealed

by Dan Isaksson

In a new blogpost over at codiesblog Ben Walke, Community Manager at Codemasters, has given a more in-depth look at two of the upcoming locations featured in their upcoming Grid: Autosport. The posts cover San Francisco and Sepang. For anyone with even an ounce of interest in the title that’s been announced only to the last generation of consoles so far, this ought to be interesting.

Diving into Sepang first, The Sepang International Circuit hasn’t made an appearance in earlier Grid games but it will come in its full glory to the new instalment. Walke sat down with Lead Level Designer, Graham Bromley, and got his thoughts on the new new track. I’m thinking this track will be a personal favorite of mine after hearing his description of the track, “Sepang has a nice variation of high speed and low speed corners, some interesting undulations, and it also has some long straights that allow you to get even the fastest cars up to top speed” he said, “The combination of these features makes for a circuit with challenging and interesting racing.”


Next up is San Francisco. Walke says that the location is evidently hard to get along with. “Racing uphill (and then down again) adds a whole new element to the racing experience and it often comes down to a battle between the brave and the sensible.” Indeed, there must have been plenty of players over the years who’ve had that sense of fear as they’re closing in on number one, have one turn left and have to bet it all on the risk of a high-speed up- or downhill battle.

Walke also had a small talk with Senior Art Director Nathan Fisher on San Francisco as a city. “Starting on ‘The Embarcadero’ with views over the ‘Oakland Bay Bridge’, moving into the financial district on ‘Market Street’ with imposing buildings towering over a very technical section of track, leading you on to one of the most memorable sections of road in the world, the ascent up ’California street’ into the Chinese quarter and the descent down ‘Pacific Avenue’ with views over the city,” he said. Adding “Leading you past another iconic landmark of San Francisco, the ‘Transamerica Pyramid’ as you push back towards the finish line around the ‘San Francisco Bay Trail’.”

Source: Codemasters Blog San Francisco and Codemasters Blog Sepang

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