The GOG Summer Sale – Sure to Empty Your Wallet

by Olivia LeClair

Yes, everyone talks about Steam sales. By the end of a Steam sale, when the dust settles and the commotion ceases, one would expect to find a mass of pc gamers lying near their computers, stripped of all funds. Steam does seem to have a way of separating us all from our cash over the duration of a sale… but what about GOG.com, the popular DRM-free alternative to Steam?

GOG.com’s Summer Sale is currently underway, with the bulk of their catalog on sale. Almost everything is 50% off or more, with Daily Deals and Flash Deals taking up most of the site’s front page, advertising games for up to 90% off their usual price. And, more recently, a new countdown timer has been added to the front page, saying that “something special” will happen in the next 18 hours or so.

Personally, I’ve been able to restrain myself fairly well during this sale. I’ve only spent about $12 or so, so I’m doing all right. But the thing that always gets me about GOG sales, which I never really experience during Steam sales, is the urge to buy in to my nostalgia. The site is called Good Old Games, after all, and I’d be more inclined to spend $20 or so on the entire Ultima series, for instance, than the same amount on a new game on Steam. And for those gamers out there like me, with an acute affinity for nostalgia, this GOG sale might just empty their wallets.

Happy shopping, and happy gaming!

Olivia LeClair is an Associate Editor at B-TEN.

Recently, she’s taken up watching GOG.com like a hawk. Gotta get those cheap games!

 Olivia sometimes posts updates to Twitter and  Facebook … sometimes.

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