FaceRig Lets You Control Octodad With Your Face

by Gabe Carey

According to their Dev Bits YouTube series, FaceRig, a facial recognition and animation software, will be adding Octodad to its rapidly evolving lineup of characters. The latest offering from FaceRig includes the complete facial poly-count from Octodad: Dadliest Catch and, according to Young Horses President Phil Tibitoski, Octodad was “lent to these folks working on FaceRig, a facial recognition and animation dealio. Cool results.”

Not only does FaceRig allow fans of their favorite characters to virtually control the character’s facial expressions, but it can also alter the user’s voice to sound more like that of the character on-screen. It’s a strange piece of software that’s difficult to explain in written English. So, instead, watch the video below, offering a sneak peak of the first licensed character to make his ways into the FaceRig.

FaceRig is still in development with a beta expected to launch in August 2014 for the Classic and Pro versions and later in 2015 for the Studio version. For more Octodad and FaceRig related news stories, stay tuned to B-TEN.


Gabe Carey is editor-in-chief at B-TEN.

Cuphead looks rad. Boyhood looks sad.

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