Squids Odyssey- 3DS And Wii U Review

by S’vani Herrera

Although strategy games aren’t exactly my cup of tea, Squid’s Odyssey was definitely a game that proved to be a bit worthwhile.

I played this game on my Nintendo 3DS (which allowed me to take it practically anywhere), and was entertained for a while. The soundtrack is pretty fun to listen to. It is very upbeat and happy, allowing for various songs to get stuck in your head. However, the songs get rather repetitive after a good amount of time of playing. The Indie style graphics are rather adorable, and the game was definitely pleasing to the eye with its various coloring and shading.


The characters are rather dynamic and help with the story line. Each character brought a different element to the game such as a scout, healer, tank, etc. However, the game itself was rather predictable and it grew a bit bland as the game progressed. I found myself growing quite bored towards the end of the game. For the price of the game, and the contents in the game itself, I don’t see it being worth as much as it is listed. It is definitely a game that you could only play through once, not multiple/various times.


The Wii U Difference

by Jes Taylor

Squids Odyssey is the series’ first foray onto consoles in general. The issue with making the leap from mobile to console is that they aren’t necessarily built with the more attentive focus of the console space in mind.  The idea is to propel yourself into the other enemies in such a way to maximize damage. The Wii U GamePad works pretty good as a control setup, particularly when using the touchscreen. All you do is tap on your squid, slide your finger/stylus in the direction opposite of where you want to launch them to and let them fly.

Squids Odyssey is very colorfully presented with unique looking characters and very vibrant backgrounds. The downside to all of this is it that the game can only be enjoyed in short bursts. Unlike other games of this genre which have sweeping tales and combat situations that demand hours of your attention, Squids Odyssey is best digested into extremely small chunks. In fact, playing beyond that really causes the repetition to set in, especially as the game’s stages begin to hike up in difficulty. The game gets quite boring after awhile and while it does boast quite a number of levels, it doesn’t really add anything new to the gameplay to make you want to keep playing.

The truth is Squids Odyssey isn’t worth the price being asked on the eShop ($15). I would probably be okay paying $5 for this game but it still doesn’t make it a very good game that keeps my attention.

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