Community Contest: The Last of Us Screenshots

by Christopher Stahler

In early February, Sony announced at their State of The Platform that people have shared their gameplay/screenshots over 48 million times. This was when the console sales were only at 4.2 million and now they are closing in on 9 million. So it is safe to assume that the number at the very least has doubled. With that and the release of The Last of Us: Remastered with the Photo Mode feature, we at B-TEN are asking the community to show us your moves! And show us your favorite/best screenshot you have captured in The Last of Us. The contest winners will have their art featured in an article pinned to our front page — and maybe even a special random prize from our magnificent chest of random prizes.

While cinematics are beautiful and a great place to capture screenshots, we ask that you do not use them. You can’t personalize them as much as you can with ones outside of them. So, show us some creativity, beauty, or some brutality! The choice is yours, but blow our socks away!

 Here are my best:


10465255_4393598296240_1169725281500267945_o10572154_4394167950481_6703601805347470723_o 10476051_4398131129558_5457921917593105630_o

Humor, horror, and beauty are the mini categories I have created. I have at least 100 photos of the game and my playthrough is cluttered with pauses for screenshots, but I’m loving it. So, show us what you got! Post your best work either in the comments section below, in the Benign with B-TEN Facebook group, or email your screenshots to The deadline for submissions is August 5th, 2014.

Edited by Gabe Carey

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8 thoughts on “Community Contest: The Last of Us Screenshots”

    1. that’s a weird bug, when you delete your own images you turn into “guest” instead of it deleting properly. This is me, I promise.

  1. Here are some of my screenshots using the photo mode. The game has excellent lighting so I played around with the shadows and set the characters up for the shot more than I actually played the game :). I created a little storyboard called “Trust”.

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