Slew Of New Games Announced For PlayStation Platforms At PAX

by Zach Waller

So we’ve recovered from the Gamescom announcement hangover and are ready to continue with our lives. But unfortunately (or fortunately, I suppose) Sony has other plans! At the beginning of PAX Prime this week, a ton of new indie games were confirmed for Sony platforms including the PS4 and Vita; many of which are coming to both.

Xbox Games with Gold September 2014 Offerings Announced

by Gabe Carey

Hey-o! It’s that time of the month again — that’s right — free Xbox games time. For those of us who haven’t sabotaged our Xbox 360’s due to an understandable lack of support on a console that released back in 2005, and for the minority of individuals who own an Xbox One, it’s a pretty solid month to be an Xboxer (not to be confused with ex-boxer).

Dragon Age Inquisition Gets 4-Player Co-op

by Jake Fong

Dragon Age: Inquisition gets 4-player co-op multiplayer in addition to its already lengthy campaign…

It looks like we may have the black hole of all time sinks on our hands when Dragon Age: Inquisition releases this November. Not only do we get a pretty lengthy campaign (not including side quests), but also a 4-player cooperative multiplayer.

The New Pokemon Game is… A Traditional Fighter?!?

by Zach Waller

Remember when you and your friends were young and used to talk about your dream video games? Like what you wanted Nintendo to do with their Pokemon franchise? Someone probably mentioned a full-fledged 3D main series entry, maybe a new Pokemon Snap, and there was always the pipe-dream of a Pokemon MMO (you know, that thing that would probably be the most epic game ever but Nintendo won’t make for some reason).

Building Identity With Avatars: How Gamers Use Characters To Represent Themselves

by Patrick Toworfe

You needn’t look far to see people on social media using pictures of fictional characters on their profiles. Obviously no one’s walking around with a Master Chief outfit on, on a daily basis, however they might take it to the occasional comic convention. The common sense approach to social media is to show a physical representation of yourself in the form of a photo, which a lot of people do. However, there’s an equal amount of people who use pictures of characters from games, TV shows, movies, anime and so on. But why is that? To many, seeing people with avatars of fictional characters seems both pointless and strange; why not just use a picture of oneself? The answer is simple: because these fictional characters represent the individual, in various ways.

Leaked Roster for Super Smash Bros. 3DS?

by Eddie Davis

Could the roster for the new Super Smash Bros. 3DS game already be leaked? If you go on over to NeoGAF, that’s what it looks like. As of now, Nintendo has not commented on whether or not these pictures are real or not, but if it’s to be believed, we have several new fighters and DLC announced for one of the biggest 3DS titles of the season. The pictures seem to confirm the return of fighters Ganondorf, Dr. Mario, Ness, Lucas, Wolf, Ice Climbers, Wario, and Snake. Coming in with the veteran fighters are several new characters including Chorus Men, Bowser Jr., Shulk from Xenoblade, and the Duck Hunt Dog. It seems if the rumors are true that several of these fighters will be DLC for the game including Snake and Lucas, meaning we wouldn’t be receiving the full roster on launch day but an expanding one at a later date.

Korra Feels: Season Finale and Future

by Lauren Baughman

As a forewarning, this will NOT be spoiler free. So watch the show now! Go go go!

Legend of Korra fans were given a special treat last Friday when Nickelodeon released the 45 minute season finale early. It’s been awkward since the move to online streaming only and personally, I am not a fan. We were told we could catch it on the streaming programs such as Hulu or AmazonPrime but Nickelodeon failed to mention that Hulu is still on episode 8 and that you would have to pay $2 per episode to view it on Prime (even if you already have a Prime subscription!) so the only real way to catch each new episode was to tune in to the website and watch it there every Friday. But, I’m sure by now everyone is aware of the complete pain in the butt it is and we’ll move past it.

The Word on the Street! What is One Game That May Have Gotten Your Non-Gaming Significant Other Hooked

by Robert Sparacino

Welcome to another edition of Word on the Street! Just in case you missed the first article- in this segment I ask people from all over the internet, including B-TEN’s own, a gaming related question and let the people tell their story as well as mine. This week’s topic is one that I am sure many can relate to. It will also lead into a weekly segment about couples and video games that I cannot wait to share. The question for this week is: What is one game that may have hooked your non-gaming significant other? This question is one that I have been mulling over for quite some time and I have finally had the opportunity to share it with everyone. So, without further ado, I bring you Word on the Street! *Note- the views and opinions expressed in this article other than mine are not representative of B-TEN or myself as a whole.

Intelligence +1 – Humanity

by Sam Fitch

I am a gamer. I am. Perhaps I’m more invested in this hobby than I should be, and I’m sure there are many people in my life that can argue either way with that statement. I feel the worst part about this is that there are so many who believe I spend too much of my spare time on my computer, on my consoles, or even playing with a good old-fashioned board game now and then. This tends to really annoy me because, even though my memory is terrible, I can safely say that nobody in my entire lifetime has ever asked me why I enjoy them. They’re quicker to judge its effects on my physical health than the way it benefits me, and this is a truly caring gesture that I understand completely – I am aware that there are those whose gaming habits have left them much unhealthier than I. However, they fail to realize just what it is about gaming that I love so much – sure, it’s fun, and it’s interactive, and it allows me to experience things I never will be able to in real life, but the thing I love most about video games is their amazing ability to teach us.

Creators of Castle Crashers and Battleblock Theater Announcing New Game at PAX Prime

by Zach Waller

Indie darling and extraordinarily talented developer The Behemoth, creators of hit games like Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers, are announcing their new game at PAX Prime in just about a weeks time!