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In March 2012, Bullogna began as a “no-bullcrap” tech blog operated solely by high school student Gabe Carey as a way of expressing his thoughts on technology, mostly related to gaming hardware. After only six articles, the domain moved to a more presentable location in August 2012. The blog consisted entirely of editorials written by Gabe Carey and was re-branded as Bullogna Technology and Entertainment News, a much longer but descriptive title. Despite the new name, news was actually fairly scarce on the site, mostly due to the difficulty of only one person contributing to Bullogna.This all changed in April, 2013. A third-party writer decided to chime in and contribute content to the site. Carey would assume the role of editor-in-chief, while also continuing to contribute and maintain the site on his own. The first article ever published on Bullogna by a writer other than Gabe was a review of the 2013 remake of Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead. The review, written by Logan Hodges, consisted of little over 200 words and was accompanied by a perfect 10/10 score. It was obvious that these two young bloggers were amateurs, but they both aspired to be great.

This is why, on May 12th, 2013, Gabe Carey wrote a “press release” asking “readers” to donate in order to help Bullogna.com become a reality. As he was merely a junior in high school, he couldn’t afford the price of a domain name or the upkeep of web servers. He didn’t need an enormous sum of cash, so he requested that contributors refrain from making donations over $10.As most of his traffic came from Facebook friends, who were completely oblivious to what the money would be used for, Gabe quickly scrambled to find money of his own to benefit the site-building initiative in only one day. This is why, on May 13th, 2013, Gabe Carey would go on to establish B-TEN.com, a vastly different web presence from what you see now, but an obvious upgrade to the free domain he was previously controlled. He would continue to work closely with Logan Hodges to publish even more content and, in turn, discovered Video Game Journalism Jobs, an online job board that Gabe imagined would bring him an assortment of paid freelance opportunities, though he would later discover that many of the jobs listed on the site were initially unpaid. This was upsetting to the young writer, as many of the editors who hired him weren’t even nice. This inspired a young Gabe Carey to move away from working for people and more towards working with people who shared similar visions in order to further establish his own site.

To this day, B-TEN still uses Video Game Journalism Jobs to network with aspiring journalists who need a place to start, many of which tend to come and go, leaving for much larger outlets or even paid careers. And ultimately, the goal remains the same — to refrain from the sensationalist “bullcrap” click-bait articles that other networks attempt to spread, and focus more on timely news reports as well as high-quality editorial pieces. Even today, B-TEN is led by editor-in-chief and CEO Gabe Carey and consists of over 40 contributors including writers, editors, video producers, social media managers, and more who each strive to improve the online media industry through the power of journalistic integrity.

If you have any questions regarding our objectives here at B-TEN or employment inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact Gabe Carey by any of the following methods:

Email: info@b-ten.com

Phone: (443) 523-4622



B-TEN generates very little revenue on its own, and needs your help to keep us up and running. If you want to support our creative environment, please feel free to securely donate to our community PayPal account by clicking either of the following links below.

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