Meet the Team

Thank you to all of my staff who are transitioning my dreams from being hopeless

to being nearly achieved. Without you, I would have given up a long time ago.

You work for free, yet you’re better than anyone in the business.

I’m anticipating the day you can each earn the monetary compensation you deserve,

but whatever you do, don’t lose that passion.

Passion brings words to life.

-Gabe Carey, Founder and Editor-In-Chief of

Gabe Carey



Initially, I don’t have much to say in regards to the foundation of this site. I have a fondness for technology which instinctively led me to create Bullogna Technology News, a one-man tech blog that honestly wasn’t very good at all. But that didn’t matter. It wasn’t about how good the blog was; it was always about expressing my passion in a different respect. Two years ago, I wanted to be a filmmaker more than anything, but I was naive. I believed that being satisfactory at something meant that I could do it professionally. I’ve learned from that mistake and won’t make it again. I’ve since realized the impracticality that the film industry drags along with it, as well as the overly appreciative following that many films drag along with them.

Now I’m aiming for something less appreciated, which no real authority worships: the video game industry. You see, I believe that video games are the future of entertainment media. I could continue this discussion all day, leading into my opinion that they should no longer be considered video games, but I’d rather not bore you with the details. There is simply a charm in gaming that can’t be found elsewhere, and the potential is truly limitless. Looking at beautiful story-driven games like Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, The Last of Us, The Walking Dead, JourneyMass Effect, Bioshock and Uncharted, it’s obvious that the industry’s future is bright. Already, we’re seeing a shift in how narrative can be executed in an interactive adventure, and while there is easily still room for simple, fun games that don’t require a story to be compelling, it’s unanimous that story is becoming an essential piece to the next-generation of console gaming.

I’d be content being a custodian if it meant I was considered a member of the video game industry; that’s how much I want this, and truly wanting something badly enough inevitably gets you where you need to go. Trying to avoid any religious controversy whatsoever, I’ll say I believe in faith, hard work, and dedication, but mainly persistence. If you continue trying to accomplish something and you simply forfeit, you’ll never know what you were truly capable of. One last thing: never grow up. Abandoning the kid within you is the worst thing you could possibly do because you’re conforming along with the rest of society, terminating any ounce of dignity you once possessed. Growing up causes you to lose your creative ambitions, and in turn, lose your identity and motivation. Never stop dreaming. When you accomplish your dreams, don’t stop there. Push them forward. There are no limits in this world, just people who need their eyes checked. Here’s to many more years of these phenomenal people following their dreams and improving upon!

James Daly

Lead Cinematic Editor


 A British person born in Blackpool, now living in London. Music and gaming are my favourite things.

My love of video games started in ’94 when I played Bomberman on SNES with my cousins. Multiplayer fun had never been so satisfying, and when I played Pokemon Yellow on Gameboy Colour I finally found a solo activity with just as much excitement, prompting my first all-nighter. Finally, in 2004 I played Resident Evil 4 and that’s where my interest in gaming took on a new level. I wrote my first review and filmed my first let’s play on RE4 because it was special enough to point me in a more mature direction to enjoy video games in a new way.

Dennis McCarson

Head of PR and Marketing



Residing in Philadelphia, PA, has it’s very own comedian in their outstanding line-up. When not performing Stand-up comedy Dennis is the guy who’s running the marketing schemes that got you to the website in the first place. Also an avid contributor the articles posted by this eclectic individual are as diverse as his interests. And are as off beat as his profession would suggest!

With posts ranging from the average game review, an editorial about gaming society or geek culture, a satirical post on society or a surprisingly intellectual article about something that probably doesn’t matter that much, the articles are always interesting to read!

 Victoria Long

Managing Editor 


I’m twenty-three years old and I live in New York. I graduated with a BA in English in 2012, and when I’m not editing B-TEN content, I’m either working at a music company, writing a novel and a book of poetry or working on a visual novel with a group of friends, with a little DnD thrown in every now and then

My favorite game genre would have to be RPG’s and my favorite gadget is my Kindle 3. Some of my favorite games are Journey, Dragon Age: Origins, The Last of Us, Dead Space 1 & 2, and Pokemon Platinum.


Eli Orth

Graphic Designer


Hi, I’m Eli, the resident artist guy here at B-TEN. Along with creating the editors’ avatars that are displayed so nicely across the site, I also run a YouTube channel for gaming commentary and general hilarity. You can also hear my socially awkward voice in a couple of the podcast series on the site.
I’m an old-school Nintendo fan (my favorite console is the Gamecube) who has recently moved towards PC gaming. I especially enjoy games that are randomly generated such as Rouge Legacy, Minecraft, and Spleunky.
I’m happy to be able to contribute my personal style and art to B-TEN, and also have my channel featured on such a fantastic site. If you need art or something drawn up, I’m your man.


 Morgan Hench
Senior Staff Writer
Morgan B-TEN
I’m Morgan ‘The Retro Goat’ Hench, the Senior Staff Writer. That basically means I’m in charge of the nontechnical aspects of the site.  Proofreading,  giving advice, things like that. If there is any writing related issue or topic, I’m the go-to guy. While I do other behind the scenes stuff, writing is my passion and main purpose for being on this site. I also sometimes post on my Facebook page when I remember to.
To give a bit of personal  information, I’ve been writing about video games for around three years now, and it’s my desire to turn it into a legitimate career. It’s becoming more successful with each passing day, and I am not going to stop until my dream comes true. I’ve been playing games since I was no older than three, and my skills have thankfully improved since then. I like puppies, cuddling, and long walks on the beach.  I’m also master of the shameless plug, and there is never a bad time to promote something we’ve written. If you’ve ever wondered why I’m called The Retro Goat, it’s the goatee. I have an awesome goatee.
Gage Wheeler
Writer for Anime Department

 Gage B-TEN

Gage Wheeler is an author for the B-Ten Anime Department. He likes almost anything romantic, One Piece, sports manga, his morning/afternoon/night/whenever coffee, and anything that can make him laugh. Switches between introverted and extroverted at the drop of a conveniently located telephone booth. Ask him anything, or just poke him with a stick. He won’t mind. He’s easy like that.

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