Crunchryoll Wii U App Launching Today

by Steven Santana

A Crunchryoll Wii U App is launching today for Nintendo Wii U owners. The app is free to download and will bring you access to more than 25,000 episodes of popular anime shows such as Naruto Shippuden, One Piece, Sword Art Online and Kill la Kill.  Crunchyroll has a premium membership which grants access to a large variety and quantity of content. Free members of the Crunchryoll Wii U app still have access but are limited to standard definition quality, as well as getting new releases a week after it is aired for premium members. A premium membership costs $6.95 per month. The service is also available on most every device, ranging from desktop computers to iOS devices and gaming consoles including the PlayStation Vita.

B-TEN’s Letter to Santa

by Gabe Carey

Dear Santa Claus,

In August 2012, I was merely a junior in highschool. At the time, I was still trying to figure things out, like most highschool students. I was going to a school full of kids that I felt relatively distant from. I was excluded. So, I’d spend most of my days alone, relying on tech news sites like Engadget to keep me entertained. Shortly after, I decided to start a blog, which I would entitle Bullogna Technology and Entertainment News, later abbreviated as B-TEN. The name derived from a substitute teacher I had at the time, who mentioned that her boyfriend — or husband, I can’t really remember — was full of bologna. From then on, I was fascinated by that euphemism. It was a way of saying bull– well, you know– without directly saying it.

B-TEN’s Anime of the Week: Saint Young Men

by Lauren Baughman

Last week, we recommend a show about the devil working here on Earth, so of course we’re gonna follow it up with Buddha and Jesus adventures! Ever wondered what would happen if Jesus and Buddha were roommates vacationing on Earth? Well wonder no more with this week’s recommendation: Saint Young Men!

B-TEN’s Anime of the Week: The Devil is a Part-Timer!

by Olivia LeClair

About a month ago, my brother told me about an anime he had heard about from a friend called The Devil is a Part-Timer!, and demanded that we watch it as soon as possible. I’m not one to argue with my little brother when he has his mind set on something, so we sat down one afternoon to watch the show. Suffice it to say, we blew through the series in a day, and were craving more by the end.

IA is Back by Popular Demand

by Lauren Baughman

It’s no surprise that we have more news about the newest Vocaloid, IA. After a huge success with her live concert movie and fantastic after party at NYCC, the fans have demanded more IA! And to their delight, she is coming back. This December, fans on the East and West coast will have a chance to view the encore screening of IA’s live concert movie.

Dragon Ball Z Fukkatsu no F Announced

by Steven Santana

A scan of Shueisha’s V Jump magazine’s January 2015 issue reveals that there is a new Dragon Ball Z movie coming and it’s title is Dragon Ball Z Fukkatsu no F. The subtitle roughly translates to Frieza’s Resurrection as fukkatsu means “revived” or “restored” and the F in the title is a stand in for Frieza’s name. Frieza is perhaps Dragon Ball Z’s most iconic villain, taking up a large majority of the shows second arc, called the Namek Saga. He is known for his pink and purple lips and color tone, as well as beginning the trend of villains transforming into different physical forms in order to increase in strength. His battle with Goku at the climax of the Namek saga lasts over four hours. Thankfully his return appearances have been much shorter. After his “death” on Namek he is put back together as mecha-Frieza but killed by Future Trunks. He is seen a few more times while in hell with other villains, and makes a short appearance in GT only to be defeated by a child version of Goku. Fukkatsu no F marks his first appearance in the flesh since his death at the hands of Future Trunks.

IA US Debut Rocks NYCC

by Lauren Baughman

A few weeks back we introduced IA, a brand new Vocaloid diva to hit the scene, who made her US debut earlier this month at New York Comic Con. During that same time, Hatsune Miku was holding her own expo and appearing on US TV shows like Late Night with David Lettermen; would this distract from IA’s introduction? Or would the pink haired newbie make her mark at NYCC?

Miku Meets Late Night

by Lauren Baughman

The Vocaloid world is the talk of the town today after the appearance of Hatsune Miku on last night’s episode of the Late Show with David Letterman. Miku was the musical guest for Letterman’s show, appearing as the ending performance of the night. Clad in her signature outfit, Miku performed “Sharing the World”, the theme for her self named Expo that is happening in LA and New York this October. And surprisingly, this song was in English rather than the Vocaloid’s native language database of Japanese. Was she a hit or did everything go over the heads of Letterman and his audience?

Persona 3 The Movie: No. 1, Spring of Birth Review

By Sheila Tan

Here’s a scenario: You are a video game noob. You find topics such as philosophy, mythology, and psychology interesting. You are ruminative. You are seeking to expand your knowledge of Japanese culture and anime. You want to understand ‘darker’ video games and go out of your comfort zone of gold coins, mushrooms, and Daisies. You are a film buff, but you prefer movies that aren’t in the fantasy or sci-fi genre. My friend, this movie is for you. (Okay, I’m talking to myself here.)

Akame ga KILL! – Episode 1 Impressions

by Patrick Toworfe

I’m not sure if anime action has just become more mild as of late or I just haven’t watched very violent anime in a while. Either way, I was kind of shocked by how violent Akame ga KILL! was in its first episode; an anime that, on the surface, seems very harmless. That said, it was a worthwhile stylistic choice to set it apart from the hundreds of shonen anime that we’ve already seen.

A-Kon 25: Big Feelings

by Lauren Baughman

                Before this year, if you mentioned A-Kon, one of the US’ longest running anime conventions held in Dallas, TX, I could only imagine cramped spaces, heat exhaustion and disorganization. After a poor time at A-Kon 21, I took a break and waited for the desperately needed changes to be made. And after four years, I returned and was pleasantly surprised.

Sailor Moon: Crystal Trailer Hits the Net

by Lauren Baughman

The internet is all abuzz after the trailer of the highly anticipated series, Sailor Moon: Crystal was uploaded today. The remake of the classic anime is expected to air on July 6th, only a month away! Much like what was done with Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Sailor Moon: Crystal promises to follow the storyline of the manga more closely than the original adaptation. This also includes the style of the art. This art style seems to be off-putting to some, as some have claimed on tumblr it’s very reminiscent of the old “How to Draw Manga Books”. Personally, I don’t mind it. It’s spot on to the manga’s art and I think it’s translated quite well into this new anime. But what do you think? Check out the trailer below and get excited! Sailor Moon is coming back, y’all!