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IA is Back by Popular Demand

IA by Lauren Baughman It's no surprise that we have more news about the newest Vocaloid, IA. After a huge success with her live concert movie and Continue?

ZergID is a Social Network for MMORPG Gamers

WoW_06_Deeproot_Tarlna_TFu_a by Gabe Carey What happens when former G4 and Revision3 host Alex Albrecht and Maker Studios co-founder Scott Katz collaborate on a social Continue?

IA US Debut Rocks NYCC

IA by Lauren Baughman A few weeks back we introduced IA, a brand new Vocaloid diva to hit the scene, who made her US debut earlier this month at Continue?

PlayStation TV Review: You’ve Probably Never Heard of It

PSTV_Black_withDS3_1407763834 by Gabe Carey The other night, I spent well over two hours replaying the same mission in Hotline Miami repeatedly on my new PlayStation Continue?

Meet IA

IA by Lauren Baughman With the creation of Yamaha’s VOCALOID program, the pop music scene is slowly becoming invaded by unlikely stars. After Continue?

Samsung Reveals the Samsung Gear VR Headset

Samsung Gear VR By Daniel Campbell     Samsung announced today that they are creating, in partnership with the recently Facebook acquired Oculus VR, a "mobile Continue?

Is Porting BioShock to iOS a Waste of Time?

bioshock by Gabe Carey The short answer? Probably. I'm going to start by saying this: in the past, I've been called every variant of "fanboy" in the Continue?

B-TENdo – A New Kind of Nintendo Podcast

nintendologomario by Gabe Carey B-TEN is proud to introduce a brand-new kind of Nintendo podcast, making optimistic predictions and remaining positive about Continue?

PS4 System Update 1.75 Now Available

ps4_logo-pc-games by Jack Barnett The new 194MB system update is now live and makes a couple of nifty additions to the PS4. Most importantly, PlayStation gamers Continue?

Oculus Announces First Ever Developer Conference: Oculus Connect + Acquisiton

Oculus Connect Logo by S'vani Herrera Oculus Connect Details Oculus Connect will be Oculus' first developer conference. According to the website, it'll bring Continue?

FaceRig Lets You Control Octodad With Your Face

octodad by Gabe Carey According to their Dev Bits YouTube series, FaceRig, a facial recognition and animation software, will be adding Octodad to its Continue?

iCracked Founder Says the Company’s Future Lies in the Pre-Owned Smartphone Market

bloomberg by Gabe Carey Earlier this month, Bloomberg spoke with iCracked founder AJ Forsythe to discuss the future of Apple’s mobile handsets as well Continue?

Why the PlayStation Vita’s E3 Presence was Upsetting

watch dogs vita by Gabe Carey Early last week, Sony held their annual E3 media briefing in Los Angeles, California. Not only were they competing with Microsoft Continue?

B-TEN to Partner with Revue Labs for #ProjectLabs

FB_PageIcon by Gabe Carey B-TEN is proud to present our partnership with Revue Labs to help raise money for and maintain #ProjectLabs. The #ProjectLabs Continue?

Current Digital Magazine Launches Its First Issue

pop-current-logo-low-quality For two months now, the editorial team at Current Digital has been hard at work on a project that the team lead Gabe Carey claims will "revive Continue?