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Intelligence +1 – Identity

The_Sims_4_Featured by Sam Fitch Excuse me, but who on Earth do you think you are? As inflammatory as that previous question may have come across, I do mean to Continue?

Dressed To Kill: How Gamers Like To Personalize Their Experience

DestinyCharacterCustomization by Patrick Toworfe Gamers just love to customize characters in games. From RPGs to FPS, any game with character customization usually attracts Continue?

Future Technology: A Force For Change Or Widening Divides?

Deus-Ex-Human-Revolution-612339 by Patrick Toworfe Recently, I picked up Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut, the definitive version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution from Continue?

Building Identity With Avatars: How Gamers Use Characters To Represent Themselves

batman-arkham-knight-8 by Patrick Toworfe You needn't look far to see people on social media using pictures of fictional characters on their profiles. Obviously no Continue?

Korra Feels: Season Finale and Future

korra-characters-4x3-1 by Lauren Baughman As a forewarning, this will NOT be spoiler free. So watch the show now! Go go go! Legend of Korra fans were given a special Continue?

The Word on the Street! What is One Game That May Have Gotten Your Non-Gaming Significant Other Hooked

Portal_2_Featured by Robert Sparacino Welcome to another edition of Word on the Street! Just in case you missed the first article- in this segment I ask people Continue?

Box of Goodies: Tales of Xillia 2 Collector Box Review!

Tales-of-Xillia-2-logo by Lauren Baughman All month, I was convinced my husband and I would be forced to only stare at pictures of the Tales of Xillia 2 Collector's Continue?

AnimeFest 2014: Geeking out Downtown

Deadpools by Lauren Baughman AnimeFest 2014 hit downtown Dallas, TX this weekend with a bang! Spanning over five days, the convention has made itself Continue?

Sony Gamescom Recap

HellBlade_Teaser_Screenshot_05 by Zach Waller Incase you may have missed it, Gamescom has been going on this past week! What’s Gamescom you ask? Well, for those unfamiliar Continue?

B-TEN CO-LAB: Most Hated Villains in Video Games

Opinions Worth Sharing by James Daly Welcome to B-TEN CO-LAB, a brand new series in which the writers of unite under my ruthless iron fist to offer their Continue?

Themes of Bioshock Infinite Part I – Zachary Hale Comstock and the Bible

Fcomstock by Diego Calderón-Arrieta To give credit where it is due, Wikipedia helped me tremendously with my research. Zachary is a variant of the Continue?

Betrayed: A Story Of Exclusivity & Gaming PR

rise-of-the-tomb-raider-3 by Patrick Toworfe By now, I'm sure the Martians hiding from us on Mars have probably heard about the internet storm over Rise of the Tomb Raider Continue?

Community: A Few Words in Memory of Robin Williams

Robin_Williams_PicGetty_Image_2_471929641 We here at B-TEN were devastated today at the passing of screen legend Robin Williams. Social networks are ablaze as fans take to the Internet Continue?

Is Porting BioShock to iOS a Waste of Time?

bioshock by Gabe Carey The short answer? Probably. I'm going to start by saying this: in the past, I've been called every variant of "fanboy" in the Continue?

A Different Kind Of Call Of Duty Criticism Article

484935.gif by Patrick Toworfe Call of Duty sucks. It's the same thing every year. There. See how easy that is? Any idiot with WordPress skills can convey Continue?