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Opinion- Steven’s Review of 2014 in Film

2014 in Film had some amazing films, and a few flops. As we wrap up the year everyone is beginning to take a look back at everything they did and their favorite picks from the various media forms. Continue?

Pokémon Memories Part II: Recognizing Nostalgic Setbacks

Omega by Gabe Carey Last October, I wrote an editorial about a very personal experience I had last year in Seattle, Washington when I discovered a Continue?

CO-LAB: Funniest Characters in Video Games

CO-LAB by James Daly Do you like to laugh? Sure you do! Do you like to play video games? Of course! Why else would you be reading this? I don’t know! Continue?

Why You Should Be Excited for Spectre

Why You Should be Excited About Spectre by Steven Santana Director Sam Mendes revealed last Thursday that the twenty fourth Bond film would be titled Spectre. It's no secret that I Continue?

What Uncharted 4 Has Learned from Other Games in Its Genre

vlcsnap-2014-12-11-16h56m39s112 by Steven Santana This past weekend at the PlayStation Experience we finally got a look at gameplay from Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. It wowed Continue?

Stop Waiting For a Final Fantasy VII Remake (Opinion)

ff7logo by Brian White So, by now you've heard of Square Enix's, um, stunt at the Playstation Experience. For those of you who haven't, ol' Squeenix Continue?

Games Industry Figure Of The Year – Phil Spencer

XboxPhilSpencer by Patrick Toworfe From the start, Phil Spencer had a tough job ahead of him. Not just because he was now representing Xbox and Microsoft, brand Continue?

Fire is Catching: Hunger Games Mockingjay Review

hungergamestitle by Lauren Baughman Since its release, Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1 has kept its place as number one in the box office and will probably stay Continue?

The Cathartic Compulsion To Comment [On Things You Don’t Like]

130924144641169 by Patrick Toworfe Have you ever wondered why people go out of their way to comment on things they don't like? People who click on videos and Continue?

Your Game Needs More Statistics

Video_Game_Statistics_Featured by Craig Borysowich I’m definitely interested in reader opinions on this topic, but it seems that many gaming companies are missing out on Continue?

Cinderella: More Than a Pretty Film?

Cinderella-2015 by Lauren Baughman After a few months of teasers, one of which just focusing on a shoe, Disney released the full trailer for their live action Continue?

B-TEN CO-LAB: Favourite Beat ‘Em Up Games

CO-LAB by James Daly Welcome to the third installment of B-TEN CO-LAB! This series of articles represents the many voices that make up the hive mind Continue?

A Mad, Rambling Account of My Time at New York Comic Con.

New_York_Comic_Con_logo.svg_ by Brian White I went to New York Comic-Con on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. What follows is a sort of first-person, kind of gonzo account Continue?

My London MCM Comic Con Experience [Oct 2014]

LondonComicCon by Patrick Toworfe Another year, another big London MCM Comic Con event I had to attend. Years ago, it was known simply as 'London Expo' or Continue?

31 Nights of Halloween – 2000s Speed Round

2000 RE401 by Olivia LeClair Reader, beware, you're in for a scare! The 31 Nights of Halloween have returned to tell you all about the ghastly and ghostly Continue?