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Legend of Korra: Series Wrap Up

korra-characters-4x3-1 by Lauren Baughman If you live under a rock or just don't pay attention to social media, then you've missed the explosive season finale of The Continue?

Mega Man Sale Discounts Six Games, Mega Man Zero Now Available On Wii U

Mega Man by Matthew Bandeira In celebration of 27 years of Mega Man, Capcom has announced that they will be selling a bunch of Mega Man games at discount Continue?

Retail Sites Leak Metal Gear Solid V’s Release Date

Metal Gear Solid by Matthew Bandeira According to multiple retail sites, including the Microsoft Store and Rakuten, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will Continue?

B-TEN Interviews Petrichor Developers

FZ+KbX by Gabe Carey Ever wonder what it's like to be an indie developer? B-TEN's Benign podcast team asks representatives from Sundae Month about Continue?

B-TEN’s Anime of the Week: The Devil is a Part-Timer!

thedevilisaparttimer01 by Olivia LeClair About a month ago, my brother told me about an anime he had heard about from a friend called The Devil is a Part-Timer!, Continue?

5 Free Games to Play over the Holidays

slope The following post has been brought to you by our sponsors. 1. Run 3 Run 3 lets you play as a rollerskating alien in space. Avoid falling Continue?

Vote for B-TEN’s Music of the Year 2014

vinyl_record_player_black_and_white-wallpaper-1920x1080 by James Daly Vote for your favorite music in this year’s edition of our first-ever music of the year awards! For B-TEN’s Music of the Year Continue?

Vote for B-TEN’s Film of the Year 2014

35mm_film-wallpaper-1920x1080 by James Daly Vote for your favorite movies in this year's edition of our first-ever film of the year awards! For B-TEN's Film of the Year Continue?

Backwards Platformer Spoiler Alert Now Available on iOS

spoiler by Gabe Carey Spoiler Alert is a nonsensical platformer on iOS that involves a personified chili pepper wearing nothing but an assortment of Continue?

Devil May Cry Sound Box Digital Music Collection Announced

wallpaper_devil_may_cry_4_06_1920x1 by Gabe Carey Following the announcement that DmC: Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 4 are being remastered for the PS4 and Xbox One, Sumthing Continue?

Devil May Cry Games Being Remastered for PS4 and Xbox One

15995653606_9104ddc22b_o by Gabe Carey Thus far, the beginning of the PS4 and Xbox One generation of consoles has been more focused on remastering old games than actually Continue?

The Amazing Benign with B-TEN: Definitive Edition Alpha Collection Redux

ac unity Starring Gabe Carey, James Daly, Bill Thomas, and Simon "Sez" O'Neill As we relaunch Benign with B-TEN, our discussion begins with the recent Continue?

CO-LAB: Funniest Characters in Video Games

CO-LAB by James Daly Do you like to laugh? Sure you do! Do you like to play video games? Of course! Why else would you be reading this? I don’t know! Continue?

A Turbulent Experience: Assassin’s Creed Unity Review

Assassin's_Creed_Unity_Environment_Climbing_166326 by Jake Fong From a sorry mess to a step in the right direction, Assassin’s Creed Unity has been a turbulent experience... This review Continue?

Why You Should Be Excited for Spectre

Why You Should be Excited About Spectre by Steven Santana Director Sam Mendes revealed last Thursday that the twenty fourth Bond film would be titled Spectre. It's no secret that I Continue?