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Vote for B-TEN’s Film of the Year 2014

35mm_film-wallpaper-1920x1080 by James Daly Vote for your favorite movies in this year's edition of our first-ever film of the year awards! For B-TEN's Film of the Year Continue?

Why You Should Be Excited for Spectre

Why You Should be Excited About Spectre by Steven Santana Director Sam Mendes revealed last Thursday that the twenty fourth Bond film would be titled Spectre. It's no secret that I Continue?

Preview: Disney Pixar’s Inside Out: Trailer Overview

Inside_Out_(2015_film)_poster by Lauren Baughman Disney Pixar has finally released the first full trailer for their upcoming summer film, Inside Out. And it is absolutely Continue?

Fire is Catching: Hunger Games Mockingjay Review

hungergamestitle by Lauren Baughman Since its release, Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1 has kept its place as number one in the box office and will probably stay Continue?

Cinderella: More Than a Pretty Film?

Cinderella-2015 by Lauren Baughman After a few months of teasers, one of which just focusing on a shoe, Disney released the full trailer for their live action Continue?

Dragon Ball Z Fukkatsu no F Announced

Dragon Ball Z Fukkatsu no F Announced by Steven Santana A scan of Shueisha's V Jump magazine's January 2015 issue reveals that there is a new Dragon Ball Z movie coming and it's Continue?

Marvel Movie Madness

marvel-logo-wallpaper_1 by Lauren Baughman Yesterday, Marvel fans learned that the previously announced Doctor Strange movie, would star BBC actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Continue?

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Official Trailer Release

mockingjay by Lauren Baughman Hunger Games fans rejoice! The first full trailer for Mockingjay Part 1 has hit the internet and it looks amazing! After Continue?

Awesome Mix: Vol 1 Takes The Billboard Top Spot

Awesome Mix Vol 1 by Maryroma Morris Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy is the second highest grossing film on the US Box office chart this week. The film has been hugely successful Continue?

Persona 3 The Movie: No. 1, Spring of Birth Review

By Sheila Tan Here's a scenario: You are a video game noob. You find topics such as philosophy, mythology, and psychology interesting. You are Continue?

Community: A Few Words in Memory of Robin Williams

Robin_Williams_PicGetty_Image_2_471929641 We here at B-TEN were devastated today at the passing of screen legend Robin Williams. Social networks are ablaze as fans take to the Internet Continue?

Benign with B-TEN: What’s the Best Game/Movie of the Year So Far?

transistor_game_2014_wallpaper by B-TEN Editors Editor-in-Chief Gabe Carey joins Dennis McCarson and Patrick Toworfe to discuss game/movie of the year 2014 candidates.   Continue?

Black and White in a Colorful Metropolis

Source: Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil by Sheila Tan The complete works of German-Austrian filmmaker Friedrich “Fritz” Lang is currently in an exhibition “Horror is on the Horizon” Continue?

Let’s Be Cops Review (spoiler and dairy-free)

let's be cops by Ace Ranola Action comedies often thread the line of being too goofy to be taken seriously.  If you were watching a film in the comedy genre Continue?

Godzilla 2 Features Classic Monsters. Like Rodan.

Godzilla logo by Brian White The sequel to 2014's smash hit (and excellent film) Godzilla is set to feature appearances from classic Godzilla monsters, Legendary Continue?