B-TEN’s Letter to Santa

by Gabe Carey

Dear Santa Claus,

In August 2012, I was merely a junior in highschool. At the time, I was still trying to figure things out, like most highschool students. I was going to a school full of kids that I felt relatively distant from. I was excluded. So, I’d spend most of my days alone, relying on tech news sites like Engadget to keep me entertained. Shortly after, I decided to start a blog, which I would entitle Bullogna Technology and Entertainment News, later abbreviated as B-TEN. The name derived from a substitute teacher I had at the time, who mentioned that her boyfriend — or husband, I can’t really remember — was full of bologna. From then on, I was fascinated by that euphemism. It was a way of saying bull– well, you know– without directly saying it.

Uematsu heads to London to record Final Symphony


by Ian Garland

After the unexpected and explosive success of the FINAL FANTASY video game concert series, Final Symphony, Merregnon Studios announced a digital release of the concert for early 2015. The legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu will be working in Abbey Road studios, collaborating with London Symphony orchestra as they record their astounding performance for release.

Devil May Cry Sound Box Digital Music Collection Announced

by Gabe Carey

Following the announcement that DmC: Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 4 are being remastered for the PS4 and Xbox One, Sumthing Else Music Works has announced a digital soundtrack collection of the series. Devil May Cry Sound Box compiles tracks from Devil May Cry 1 – 4, notably omitting last year’s edgy reboot DmC: Devil May Cry.

“The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses Master Quest” Touring in 2015

by James Daly

The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses music tour making a third outing around the globe. Based on the immensely successful game series The Legend Of Zelda, the tour features live orchestral performances of theme music from Nintendo’s beloved franchise, and is aimed at newcomers to the series and seasoned Zelda fans alike.

IA is Back by Popular Demand

by Lauren Baughman

It’s no surprise that we have more news about the newest Vocaloid, IA. After a huge success with her live concert movie and fantastic after party at NYCC, the fans have demanded more IA! And to their delight, she is coming back. This December, fans on the East and West coast will have a chance to view the encore screening of IA’s live concert movie.

IA US Debut Rocks NYCC

by Lauren Baughman

A few weeks back we introduced IA, a brand new Vocaloid diva to hit the scene, who made her US debut earlier this month at New York Comic Con. During that same time, Hatsune Miku was holding her own expo and appearing on US TV shows like Late Night with David Lettermen; would this distract from IA’s introduction? Or would the pink haired newbie make her mark at NYCC?

Miku Meets Late Night

by Lauren Baughman

The Vocaloid world is the talk of the town today after the appearance of Hatsune Miku on last night’s episode of the Late Show with David Letterman. Miku was the musical guest for Letterman’s show, appearing as the ending performance of the night. Clad in her signature outfit, Miku performed “Sharing the World”, the theme for her self named Expo that is happening in LA and New York this October. And surprisingly, this song was in English rather than the Vocaloid’s native language database of Japanese. Was she a hit or did everything go over the heads of Letterman and his audience?

Meet IA

by Lauren Baughman

With the creation of Yamaha’s VOCALOID program, the pop music scene is slowly becoming invaded by unlikely stars. After the insane popularity of VOCALOID Diva, Hatsune Miku, virtual stars have become a new worldwide sensation and are popping up everywhere. Hatsune Miku has her own live concerts (including her time as Lady GaGa’s opening act), there was the Michael Jackson hologram performance for the Billboard Music awards and now, we have a new star to add to the world of virtual songstress’.

Borderlands the Pre-Sequel Has A Soundtrack.

by Bill Thomas

With Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel’s October 14 release inching ever closer, the soundtrack is pretty much an inevitability, right? We shouldn’t really be surprised by the announcement, and usually it wouldn’t be really newsworthy. I mean, what type of game launches nowadays, where you wander through levels in abject silence, until madness eventually takes over, and you find yourself crouched in the corner in absolute terror, shouting indiscriminately in a shallow attempt to make the voices go away? No games. Not even horror games. I lost my train of thought. Oh yeah, that’s right; the soundtrack for Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel has just been announced, and will be launching on digital platforms September 30, and a record store near you on October 14.

Awesome Mix: Vol 1 Takes The Billboard Top Spot

by Maryroma Morris

Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy is the second highest grossing film on the US Box office chart this week. The film has been hugely successful to date grossing $334,845,82 since its release in early August and its Awesome Mix: Vol 1  soundtrack that has certainly captured peoples attention.

Interview with Japanese Indie Artist Piana

by Dan Isaksson

Naoko SasakNaoko Sasakii, she’s the faint heartbeat of harmonious electronic music that wails through the hidden alleys and bars of Japan. But the heartbeat didn’t come to just casually resound through the hearts of electronic music fans, it started through a duet band called Card Skepper, where Sasaki worked together with Yuichiro Iwashita.

Female Country Duo Challenge the Genre’s “Bro” Themes

by Rex Wagner

We’ve all heard the songs on the radio and we’ve all heard the same common themes that appear in what seems like every single song. There’s going to be a lyric about cold beer, a pickup truck, a dirt road will somehow find its way in there, and oh, of course, a country girl who’s just as sweet and precious as they come and is also probably the farmer/preacher/local butcher man’s daughter. I’m sure as you’ve been reading this, you’ve been able to list handfuls of country songs that fit this niche perfectly. It’s in almost every single country song that’s been released in the past 4 years and it has gone unnoticed and unquestioned until finally the duo of Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye released “Girl In A Country Song”, a strong statement about country’s current theme.

Watch This Stunning Rendition of the Theme to The Last of Us by Taylor Davis

by Brian White

Violinist Taylor Davis, who’s known on YouTube for her covers of video game and movie themes, released a cover of the main theme from PS3 hit The Last of Us recently.  The timing is perfect, too-TLOU Remastered is just around the corner.  Well, sort of-but it’s imminent.