The Amazing Benign with B-TEN: Definitive Edition Alpha Collection Redux

Starring Gabe Carey, James Daly, Bill Thomas, and Simon “Sez” O’Neill

As we relaunch Benign with B-TEN, our discussion begins with the recent controversy of games being released in an unfinished state, our community’s 2014 game of the year picks, and our hosts’ explanations of how they ended up here talking about video games on the internet.

Pre-Order Bonus Episode 23 – Trailer Time Madness

by Simon O’Neill

Until mankind adopts a new calendar, with another Saturday Wednesday comes another episode of Pre-Order Bonus. Yes, we’re late again, thanks for noticing. This is due to reasons entirely out of our control … rather,  due to me just being downright lazy with absolutely no good excuse, so I blame Dennis.

B-TENdo – A New Kind of Nintendo Podcast

by Gabe Carey

B-TEN is proud to introduce a brand-new kind of Nintendo podcast, making optimistic predictions and remaining positive about the company’s future overall. While the rest of the internet is deluged with negative press regarding Nintendo, B-TENdo honors what the company does best — creating highly-regarded software to the best of its ability on delightfully distinguished platforms.

B-TEN Interviews Shovel Knight’s Nick Wozniak

by Gabe Carey

B-TEN editor-in-chief Gabe Carey sits down for a discussion with the developer of retro-styled indie platformer Shovel Knight, asking both personal inquiries and special requests made by communities such as the Benign with B-TEN and Nintendo Voice Chat Facebook groups.

Benign with B-TEN: What Are You Most Excited for This Year?

by B-TEN Editors

Benign with B-TEN host Gabe Carey returns with Dennis McCarson, Patrick Toworfe, James Daly, and Simon O’Neill to discuss their impressions of the Destiny Beta as well as the games and movies they’re most excited to experience this year. What are YOU most excited for in 2014? Let us know in the comments below.

What If Zelda Was a Girl? – A Heated Debate About Female Representation in Video Games

by B-TEN Editors

Nadina Osmani joins the usual Benign with B-TEN crew to discuss a controversial yet topical subject in the video games industry: do we need MORE or BETTER female representation in games, or are games fine the way they are now? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting at us:

Benign with B-TEN: Tales from the Gaming Drought

by B-TEN Editors

Gabe Carey, Dennis McCarson, and Patrick Toworfe join forces to discuss what they’ve been playing during the gaming drought. Unfortunately, this means Dennis does most of the talking using his outlandish Philadelphian humor. Slow news day indeed.

B-TEN Interviews Thom Clancy

by B-TEN Staff

Thom Clancy, son of famed author Tom Clancy, joins Benign with B-TEN to discuss his recently produced game, Sanctuary, as well as his professional desire to work at Ubisoft alongside the teams who develop the Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell titles. He talks about everything from his favorite video games to the future of the industry and what he thought of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege at this year’s E3 event.

Benign with B-TEN: How a Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Could Actually Work

by B-TEN Staff

Benign host Gabe Carey joins stand-up comedian Dennis McCarson along with B-TEN senior editors James Daly and Patrick Toworfe to discuss CGI movie adaptions of video games, social justice, and Spider-Man tropes in this longer-than-usual episode of Benign with B-TEN.