Animayday Episode 2 – Ben-To

On the second episode of Animayday, your hosts Simon, Cody, Ryan, and Gage discuss the things they have watched over the last two weeks, and open the lid on Ben-To and see what’s on the menu for the day. Ben-To follows a boy named Sato as he engages in warfare to get discount bento boxes at a convenience store.

Animayday Episode 1 – Little Witch Academia

On the inaugural episode of Animayday, your hosts Simon, Gage, Cody, and Ryan take an in-depth look at Little Witch Academia, an OVA created in 2013 about young witches enrolled at the Luna Nova Academy. The show stars Akko, a clumsy and rather unskilled little witch with an obsession for Shiny Chariot, a witch of extraordinary power and finesse.