Pre-Order Bonus Episode 23 – Trailer Time Madness

by Simon O’Neill

Until mankind adopts a new calendar, with another Saturday Wednesday comes another episode of Pre-Order Bonus. Yes, we’re late again, thanks for noticing. This is due to reasons entirely out of our control … rather,  due to me just being downright lazy with absolutely no good excuse, so I blame Dennis.

Pre-Order Bonus Episode 21 – E3 Bro, It’s E3 Yo!

by Simon  O’Neill

Much like E3, Pre-Order Bonus is back. Unlike Sony however, Pre-Order Bonus doesn’t talk about a TV peripheral for thirty-five minutes. Simon and Tyler discuss E3 2014 and the trailers that never made the cut, as well as risk being poisoned for a review of a terrible grocery store drink. This is a video of a guy eating 12 saltine crackers without taking a drink. Your move Dennis.

Pre-Order Bonus Episode 20 – Fabula Nova Crystallis

On the inaugural B-TEN episode of Pre-Order Bonus,  Tyler and Simon review The Wolf Among Us Episode 4 – In Sheep’s Clothing, The Walking Dead Episode 3 – In Harm’s Way. They also discuss their E3 predictions as well as the latest and greatest in news and trailers. PODCAST ART 2