B-TEN’s Letter to Santa

by Gabe Carey

Dear Santa Claus,

In August 2012, I was merely a junior in highschool. At the time, I was still trying to figure things out, like most highschool students. I was going to a school full of kids that I felt relatively distant from. I was excluded. So, I’d spend most of my days alone, relying on tech news sites like Engadget to keep me entertained. Shortly after, I decided to start a blog, which I would entitle Bullogna Technology and Entertainment News, later abbreviated as B-TEN. The name derived from a substitute teacher I had at the time, who mentioned that her boyfriend — or husband, I can’t really remember — was full of bologna. From then on, I was fascinated by that euphemism. It was a way of saying bull– well, you know– without directly saying it.

Legend of Korra: Series Wrap Up

by Lauren Baughman

If you live under a rock or just don’t pay attention to social media, then you’ve missed the explosive season finale of The Legend of Korra. It’s been quite a ride for The Legend of Korra and its fans. After season two, the show was yanked off the air and made to be an online streaming experience only. There was concern on what this meant for the show as a whole but luckily, a fourth season was confirmed. Unfortunately, it would be the last. On Friday, December 19th, the final two episodes made their debut, bringing the show as a whole to an end. What an end it was! Intense battles, a wedding and a very surprising relationship reveal! But if you missed it or aren’t sure if it’s worth checking out, keep reading as we go through the Book 4 wrap up! Spoilers ahead!

Miku Meets Late Night

by Lauren Baughman

The Vocaloid world is the talk of the town today after the appearance of Hatsune Miku on last night’s episode of the Late Show with David Letterman. Miku was the musical guest for Letterman’s show, appearing as the ending performance of the night. Clad in her signature outfit, Miku performed “Sharing the World”, the theme for her self named Expo that is happening in LA and New York this October. And surprisingly, this song was in English rather than the Vocaloid’s native language database of Japanese. Was she a hit or did everything go over the heads of Letterman and his audience?

The Legend of Korra Book 4 Trailer

by Lauren Baughman

In the blink of an eye, the trailer for The Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance is here! Every week has had news for the upcoming final season including short previews and clips. And now, with a week before the season premier, we have the full trailer filled with quick looks at what is to come for Avatar Korra. Check it out below!

The Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance Air Date

by Lauren Baughman

After last week’s confirmation of Book 4’s title, Korra fans have been on edge waiting to hear more about the new and final season. Luckily, the wait hasn’t been long. Show co-creators Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko took to Nick.com to announce Book 4’s release date.

The Legend of Korra Book 4 Revealed!

by Lauren Baughman

Today, The Legend of Korra Facebook confirmed that the final season for The Legend of Korra would be titled Book Four: Balance. There has yet to be any word on when the next season will be aired, though right now the rumor mill is pulling up January 2015. We also don’t know how Nickelodeon plans to premier this next season. With the sudden switch of season three going from TV to online streaming only, many fans are worried Book 4 will follow the same path. And they are right to be concerned. It’s no secret that LOK is not Nick’s typical show and seems to attract more of an older audience rather than the usual Nick viewers. Even so, was this really the reason ratings saw a drop with Korra? And will this lead to no further Avatar stories? Only time will tell.

Korra Feels: Season Finale and Future

by Lauren Baughman

As a forewarning, this will NOT be spoiler free. So watch the show now! Go go go!

Legend of Korra fans were given a special treat last Friday when Nickelodeon released the 45 minute season finale early. It’s been awkward since the move to online streaming only and personally, I am not a fan. We were told we could catch it on the streaming programs such as Hulu or AmazonPrime but Nickelodeon failed to mention that Hulu is still on episode 8 and that you would have to pay $2 per episode to view it on Prime (even if you already have a Prime subscription!) so the only real way to catch each new episode was to tune in to the Nick.com website and watch it there every Friday. But, I’m sure by now everyone is aware of the complete pain in the butt it is and we’ll move past it.

Community: A Few Words in Memory of Robin Williams

We here at B-TEN were devastated today at the passing of screen legend Robin Williams. Social networks are ablaze as fans take to the Internet to express their sentiments at the loss of this wonderful, charismatic, sensational man. As a comedian, Williams brought the house down time and time again with irrepressible humor through his signature, other-worldly and energetic performance style. As an actor he touched all of our lives with his warm personality and unforgettable portrayals of memorable and beloved characters. 

FX Renews Louie, Fargo

by Gabe Carey

John Landgraf, CEO of FX, announced today at the Television Critics Association press tour that two of its most critically-acclaimed series have been renewed for new seasons. Fargo will be entering into its second season, while Louis C.K. will be approaching the fifth season of Louie. Fargo will focus on new characters and a new storyline, though who those characters are and what the plot consists of still remains unclear.

The Cat Mario Show Debuts in Europe

by Kyle Dumont


Nintendo has released the first episode of a new Webisode series on European 3DS and Wii U eShop today. Introducing… Cat Mario, the show! It’s the first Mario show to air on the eShop. Cat Mario and Cat Peach are the hosts on this interesting show. No, I am not kitten you. Mario and Peach go over helpful hints and tips in Super Mario 3D World, mostly more ways to screw your friends over. They also have a dedicated section for learning enemy names, finding 8-bit Luigi’s and more.

Game of Thrones “The Children” Review

by Brian White

And sadly, here we are.  10 episodes down, zero to go.  The season finale.  And Game of Thrones brought it this season, as it always does.  If you weren’t satisfied with the finale, I wonder why you even watch the show at all.  Tonight’s episode-the last until next year (sigh) kept the pace up with the usual fare we’ve come to expect from GoT-twists, swerves, a swordfight that turned savage, and a shocker in the last ten minutes capped the fourth season of one of the best shows on TV.