Deep Silver Announcing Two New AAA Games At E3


by Zach Waller

Deep Silver, the rapidly growing video game publisher based out of Germany, has two new AAA games to show off at E3 next month.

This information comes courtesy of a Twitter post from Jason Evangelho, a tech writer for the business informational powerhouse Forbes. The tweet in question can be see here:

Evangelho’s position and the fact that I found the post through a retweet by Aubrey Norris (Head of Deep Silver’s United States branch) lends credibility. In addition, Dave Oshry the marketing director of independent game company, The New Bloods, has also tweeted about these new games.

Deep Silver as a company has found a lot of success in the past few years. Their coming out party was publishing the 2011 hit Dead Island and they’ve follow that up with recent acquisitions such as the developer Volition and the Saint’s Row franchise. Their current slate of upcoming games includes new titles in the Sacred and Risen series’.

These impending AAA announcements are proof that Deep Silver has found a spot at the table of major publishers within this industry.

It’s hard to say what these new games could be though. Saint’s Row 4 just launched last year so a new entry may be premature. But, Volition is a large studio so it’s possible one could still be a project they’ve been working on. These games could also be from outside sources or possibly other in-house developers at Deep Silver. We will know in about a month’s time.

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