What If Zelda Was a Girl? – A Heated Debate About Female Representation in Video Games

what if zelda

by B-TEN Editors

Nadina Osmani joins the usual Benign with B-TEN crew to discuss a controversial yet topical subject in the video games industry: do we need MORE or BETTER female representation in games, or are games fine the way they are now? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting at us:


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Gabe Carey (host) – @thegabecarey

Nadina Osmani (guest) – @dindin_din_din

Patrick Toworfe – @justicesoultuna

James Daly – @yourdalydosage

Dennis McCarson – @dennismccarson

Simon O’Neill – @xElderGoose

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  • nonscpo

    I definetly agree with the pie analogy, everybody deserves a slice however not everybody should have the same pie. The pie analogy has similarities with dating games. Guys play the Harems and ladies play the Otomes, in that sence everybody got a slice without having the same pie.

  • David

    WT? Zelda is a girl! You are trying to say LINK!